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A divorce trial can be very contentious and stressful, so you would be very thankful when it’s all over. However, the hassle would continue if you find the final orders unacceptable. Is there still a way to overturn the decision? Appealing the Court Decision The family court has jurisdiction for divorce cases. Thus, the rules of the family court apply. If you want to appeal the final orders of your divorce, you have to do it within thirty days. When appealing civil cases in Texas, you cannot only air your objection to the final orders. It must be shown that […]

How to Appeal the Court’s Decision on Your Divorce

The decision to get a divorce may be difficult to arrive at. Some people are still in the process of deciding on whether or not they want a divorce. Other people might have already decided, but are deciding on when to get it done. But for other people, sometimes their decision is only being held back by the fact that they’re overseas. While being in another country may sound like an obstacle to getting a divorce, it actually isn’t. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to actually get a divorce processed while you’re overseas. The Process Getting divorced from […]

How to Process a Divorce while Overseas

single parent marriage
Being a single parent should never be a hindrance; not to you, not to your career, and especially not to love. If you’re lucky to find a love that stands the test of time, why should you let it go? However, before deciding to tie the knot with your partner, you should ask yourself these difficult questions. This will help you really get a good grasp on the future you’re embarking on. Is Your Partner Willing to Change Diapers or Handle Teenage Angst? You are a parent. You have to make sure that your partner knows that before you get […]

6 Questions: A Single Parent’s Guide to Marriage

A marriage won’t always be picture perfect, so challenges will always be around the corner. What will you do if one of the problems you face is along the lines of having a long commute? At first, you may think that ending a marriage over a long commute is outrageous, but a Swedish study can prove you otherwise. The 10-year long study claims that couples who brave through a 45-minute or more worth of commute have a 40 percent chance of getting a divorce. There is also an abundance of news articles and stories all over the internet on how […]

A Long Commute: Can it Make or Break Your Marriage?

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You recently got divorced. Your ex-partner has custody over your kids. Now, you’re living on your own or at least living apart from them. Does this sound familiar? If it does, chances are you might be worrying about how you can still be a father to your children. Well, as much as this is a rather scary thought, this really shouldn’t worry you so much. Just because you don’t have custody over your children doesn’t mean being a father to them is impossible.  There are still some things you can do to work around it. Keep in Touch The first […]

How to Keep Your Role as a Father to Your Kids After Divorce When You Are a Non-Custodial Parent