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In family law, child custody cases may happen as an effect of divorce or as a stand-alone case to be resolved by the court. When courts issue decisions concerning child custody, there may be a need to address matters of visitation to give each parent time with their child. In Texas, a visitation order is referred to as a possession order.  A possession order tells when each parent, or sometimes a non-parent, has the right to spend time with a child. Hence, the term possession. Texas has several types of possession orders: Standard Possession Order, Modified Possession Orders, Possession Orders […]

What is a Standard Possession Order in Texas Family Law?

Divorce is costly, but losing a divorce proceeding will be much more costly in the long run. The foremost concern is the custody of children, and the battle could draw out relative to the properties involved. This is definitely a battle worth fighting for. There would be lawyers who would offer their services for a fixed amount. Truth is, expenses can balloon when more assets and liabilities are discovered. If the opposing party is adamant about disputing every claim, then it could take more time and money. Attorney’s Fees charged to Community Property No two divorces are the same and, […]

Do Both Parties have to Pay for a Divorce?

For one reason or another, not all marriages work out. It’s for this reason that it’s better to sometimes call things off before they get any worse. While some couples choose to end things amicably, others come to a less pleasant and messier end. There are a lot of ways that a marriage can come to a messy end. One major aspect affected by this would be the property division and even inheritance. For one reason or another, one party may no longer want their spouse to benefit from any inheritance that was originally due to them during the marriage. […]

Can You Disinherit Your Spouse in Texas?