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Divorce Gavel
 These days, it is not uncommon to see unhappy couples staying together because of the kids. There are many reasons why a lot of people choose to live their lives this way. They may not want to go through the mess of a divorce and the psychological effect it will have on the kids. Without a doubt, divorce is really daunting. Think about how the kids would have to be passed to the other parent on schedule. Co-parenting after a divorce is definitely challenging. A lot of parents are concerned about its effects on the children’s growth and development. Many also worry about the financial impact that […]

The Financial Impact of Going through a Divorce with Kids

international adoption
International adoption refers to the process of adopting a child outside United States borders. Domestic adoption is usually easier to undergo than international adoption. Some parents, however, prefer to have an adoptive child from other countries. Here is an overview of the procedure of international adoption. Choosing from which country to Adopt The very first step in inter-country adoption is deciding on the country of origin of the child. Although individuals have their own preferences, it is worth taking into account several factors that might affect the adoption process. The culture and national adoption laws in certain countries are some […]

A Guide to the International Adoption Process