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Entering into a relationship is never an easy path to take because although there is joy from giving yourself the chance to love and be loved by another, it also exposes you to the point of vulnerability. And a broken heart, no matter what cause, is always a painful experience to endure and remember. The intensity of the heartbreak is much worse when it is experienced within the bounds of marriage, especially now that before being committed to one another, both of you exchanged promises that are meant to last for a lifetime.  But, even in these tough times, you […]

Legal Steps to Take When Your Spouse is Cheating

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The rights of a gay partner to participate in, and more importantly, have court ordered rights to, parenting her former partner’s child will be set for trial in the 302nd Judicial District Court of Dallas County, Texas. After the Texas Supreme Court declined to hear the biological parent’s appeal challenging the partner’s right to sue for access to the child, the Dallas Court of Appeals returned the case to the trial court. [See Dallas Court of Appeals cause number 05-08-00568-CV, In re M.K.S.-V., 301 S.W.3d 460 (Tex. App. — Dallas 2009, pet. denied), opinion attached.] Kristie Vowels and Tracy Scourfield were […]

Gay Parent Rights Heading to Trial