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If your marriage is on the rocks, it’s possible that you have already considered getting a divorce at least once. In thinking about a divorce, you must have several reasons why you’re even considering it. It’s likely that there’s either you have arguments regarding trust or infidelity or money issues that would push you over the brink. If you are in the middle of such issues, it might be difficult for you and your spouse to consider any other option to save your marriage. Things might get too tough that the only thing you can think about is getting a […]

Are Your Arguments Leading to a Divorce?

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Stepparent adoption cases are not exactly the most common type of cases a family law attorney encounters. When it does happen, the other parent of the child is usually deceased or at least not actively involved with the child. This is usually the part of the case which is conflicted. The thing is, in order for a stepparent to legally adopt a child, the parental rights of the other parent should be terminated first. Some families are not too happy with this fact. In case you are a stepparent who is interested in starting the process of a stepparent adoption, […]

The Basics of Stepparent Adoption in Texas

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One of the most common reasons for divorce is infidelity. For most people, they draw the line when their spouse has an affair. That is a deal-breaker for them because fidelity is often included in the wedding vows.  Even in the age when more people are entering open relationships, many believe that being faithful is required in marriage. Thus, an affair amounts to some form of betrayal or an unfulfilled promised. If your spouse has an affair, it is natural that you may seek out some form of punishment. But will the law provide it? How Adultery Affects Divorce Adultery […]

Don’t Blame Yourself for Damages Caused by Your Spouse’s Affair

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Going through divorce also affects the family business. This type of family business could be a small or big business, likely having most of the family members as the shareholders or partners, or it could be a practice of profession or a retail store such as a shop or restaurant. What makes dealing with the business while going through divorce is the fact that most of the time, the family business is also the family’s main source of income. In this article, we will briefly discuss the three basic methods of dealing with the business while in the process of […]

What Happens to Our Family Business After Divorce?

Domestic violence is cancer in a marriage and it does not choose victims based on race, age or background. This is an unfortunate and unpleasant to talk about but it does exist. Victims always have a hard time surviving and getting over the experience despite resources made available to help and support the victims. The worst thing about domestic violence is that the abuser is someone who knows you more than anyone else so it hurts more. Often, domestic violence leads to divorce. You will need a divorce attorney if you intend to pursue a divorce to get out of […]

How to Deal with Domestic Violence and Divorce in Texas

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In divorce, a lot of marital issues such as child support and custody, property division and alimony, must need to be resolved before a court issues a divorce decree. Just like any other properties, pension benefits can be divided between the spouses. There are several different factors which determines whether a spouse’s pension can be split and by how much it will be divided. These factors include the time the pension was first acquired and its balance prior to the marriage and after the marriage. Texas as a Community Property State In the United States, there are nine community property […]

What Happens to my Pension After Divorce?