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While many Americans are in disbelief with how US President, Donald Trump, is handling things, a group of women and men who has each divorced a narcissist, and some who are sharing child custody with one, are not that shocked anymore. They know the kind of person Donald Trump is, because they were once married to one. The successful, charismatic person who impressed them with promises enough to be swept off their feet. Slowly, they have realized that it was all part of the act. For narcissists like Donald Trump, there is no possibility of a “we” because they only […]

When Your Ex-Spouse is Like the “Donald”

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The number of divorces increases not only between young couples but also with the older ones aged 50 to 60 years old. One of the issues tackled in divorce proceedings of the latter age group is the ability of the ex-spouse to receive social security benefits from their former partner. Divorce can be a financially draining process and the costs are bolstered if one of the spouses are either retired or almost at the retirement age.  The amount of social security benefits that one will earn at retirement is largely dependent on the length of their work period and the […]

Social Security Benefits in a Texas Divorce