A Grandparent’s Role in A Juvenile Court Case

A grandparent can have a number of different roles in every child’s life. Some grandparents are relatives that kids see every now and then. Others are like another set of parents that help take care of them. Whatever the situation, grandparents are family. Many family members will do their part in helping out. In some instances, though, grandparents end up becoming more than just a relative. Some assume loads more responsibilities over their grandchildren. A court case is one of those situations where this can be seen.

Testifying for Their Grandchild

In some families, grandparents become more hands-on and involved when it comes to raising their grandchildren. Some live with their grandchildren, while others may just spend a lot more time with them. Because of this, they witness a lot more of what goes on in their grandchildren’s lives. This includes any forms of abuse or neglect they receive. So, if there is a juvenile court case that involves neglect and abuse. A grandparent can choose to testify and give proof to any alleged maltreatment their grandchildren receive.

Raising Their Grandchildren

Aside from testifying for the children if abuse or neglect is suspected. A grandparent can be awarded custody over them as well. In some juvenile court cases or child protective service cases, living with either parent may not be ideal for a child. Because of this, the court looks for the next best place for the child to be raised. In some cases, grandparents become the best option for the children to live with. This is especially if they are the child’s immediate relatives.

Of course, the court still takes a number of things into account before deciding on who gets custody of the child or children involved in the case.

As wonderful as it sounds to have your grandchildren around you, a grandparent at least has to be physically and financially capable of taking a child under their care. After all, if a grandparent struggles financially or may have a disability or illness that may make it harder for them to provide the proper care, another relative may then be considered.

While grandparents are family to us in the sense that they are related to us, sometimes their roles go beyond just a relative. They can also be a helping hand in raising our grandchildren and making sure that they get the best care that they can possibly get. When it comes to court cases, sometimes they even end up becoming the sole reason that their grandchildren get raised properly and get the care they deserve.

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