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A Guide to the International Adoption Process

International adoption refers to the process of adopting a child outside United States borders. Domestic adoption is usually easier to undergo than international adoption. Some parents, however, prefer to have an adoptive child from other countries. Here is an overview of the procedure of international adoption.

Choosing from which country to Adopt

The very first step in inter-country adoption is deciding on the country of origin of the child. Although individuals have their own preferences, it is worth taking into account several factors that might affect the adoption process. The culture and national adoption laws in certain countries are some of the major factors to consider. It is best that a person should study the background on the adoption laws of the country ahead of time.

International Adoption in the State of Texas

The United States government conducts an investigation in order to determine if a child is qualified to be adopted internationally. This is to prove that the child is really an orphan and to avoid further possible problems. The State of Texas must also be informed of this adoption process for their approval and recognition. Family courts are the authorized institution to recognize an individual’s foreign adoption to be valid. 

Texas International Adoption Agencies

In the State of Texas, usually, a Hague accredited adoption agency plays a significant role in this legal process. They can help in knowing the background, especially in the legal aspect, about the adoption process in other countries. 

Parental rights of a child’s birth parents

Before starting any adoption procedure, the parental rights of a child’s birth parents must undergo a termination. This is a legal process that is already out of the adoption process. This is important because one cannot adopt a child who already has a parent. With the assistance of a lawyer, the birth parents must produce a document indicating giving up their rights. The court must decide whether to continue the process or not in cases where the birth father cannot be found.

Pre-Approval of International Adoption

This stage is where a person identifies a child for adoption. Agencies will assist the applying individual to travel and look for a child to adopt. The next essential thing to get is a visa for the adopted child.

Pre-adoptive and Post-adoptive Studies

If everything has been successful, the family court may also order that a social study be performed. An individual’s personal background, family, and family home are being studied prior to the official adoption. This will help the court in its decision. A social worker will also observe the status of the child with the family. Once everything is accomplished, a birth certificate is finally issued.

Source: A Guide to the International Adoption Process

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