1. Types of Adoption: Before delving into the legal process, it’s essential to understand the various types of adoption. In Texas, adoptions can be categorized into several types: a. Agency Adoption: In an agency adoption, a licensed adoption agency facilitates the adoption process. This can be a public agency (such as the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services) or a private adoption agency. The agency conducts a home study, matches adoptive parents with a child, and oversees the legal process. b. Private or Independent Adoption: Private or independent adoptions involve the direct placement of a child by the birth […]

Adoption in Texas

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I. What is Adoption Adoption is when a person legally takes on the rights and obligations of being a parent to a child that is not his or her biological child. This means that those rights that originally belonged to the biological parents will be legally transferred to another person who is unrelated to the child. The natural parents of the child cannot just take back their already adopted child. Adoption is permanent in nature. Once the parental rights and authority of the natural parents are terminated through adoption, it is deemed as if the adoptive parents become the natural […]

Adoption in Texas

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Child adoption costs are one of the major considerations potential adoptive parents have when they consider adopting a child in Texas. There are a lot of preparations you’d have to go through if you are planning to adopt a child in Texas. You should definitely consider the emotional aspects of the adoption, as well as the financial aspects. Adoption can take a long time, and you will have to go through a complicated process. You should know how much you should expect in terms of child adoption costs before you embark on your adoption process. Not knowing what to expect […]

Adoption Costs in Texas

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Stepparent adoption cases are not exactly the most common type of cases a family law attorney encounters. When it does happen, the other parent of the child is usually deceased or at least not actively involved with the child. This is usually the part of the case which is conflicted. The thing is, in order for a stepparent to legally adopt a child, the parental rights of the other parent should be terminated first. Some families are not too happy with this fact. In case you are a stepparent who is interested in starting the process of a stepparent adoption, […]

The Basics of Stepparent Adoption in Texas

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Adopting a child is a big step and a decision that needs a lot of thinking through. A person who wishes to adopt assumes all the same legal rights and responsibilities as the biological or natural parent of the one being adopted. There are a couple of legal formalities to go through and this is because an adoptive relationship is permanent in nature. There are certain laws and regulations which set apart the adoption process in Texas from that of other states. A few steps may slightly vary among agencies but the overall process still remains the same. Adoption Requirements […]

How to Adopt in Texas

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Same-sex marriage has only been legalized quite recently. If you are already married or you are wanting to marry and want to have children, that is not a problem. There are many same-sex couples who are very successful in parenting. There are many scenarios which could be at play here. It is possible that one or both of you already has a child or have children as the case may be. It is best to consult with a lawyer so you can make sure that you can make custody and support work without any problems in the future. Usually, same-sex […]

Same-sex Couples: Children and Adoption