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As a parent, you’d always want the best for your children. And while it might not be easy to give them the best, it might be more difficult to do so if you’re going through a divorce. After all, divorce can put a lot of unwanted stress and tension in you and your family. It can definitely affect the way you go about things. Despite this, there are still some ways you can be a good parent to your children amidst a divorce. Keep Your Children in Mind Your divorce will not only affect your life, but also the lives of your children. That’s why you should remember to keep your children in mind when you make decisions even after your divorce. Whether it has to do with custody, their schooling, or where they’ll stay, your children will be affected. Make sure to keep your children’s best interests in mind. The divorce might be difficult for your children to adjust to. So the best thing you can do to help them through it is to help them adjust. Be Civil with Your Ex-Spouse If you want to set a good example for your children, be civil with your ex-spouse. If you two ended things amicably, then there’s definitely no difficulty in that. If things just ended on terrible terms, then that’ll definitely be a challenge. But, whatever the circumstance, remember that however you choose to deal with your ex-spouse will reflect you. So, whenever you deal with your spouse or even speak about them, remember to always be reasonable and to keep a cool head. Not only does that set a good example for your kids when dealing with these things, but it also helps you learn how to just stay calm and to not let any negative feelings towards […]

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Some divorce cases are fortunately finalized in summer where you can still have ample time to make the transition before the school year starts. However, no matter how much time you have set aside for the transition and preparation for the new school year, it can still be challenging and tough for everyone, especially the kids. This is where you can really see how your family will handle the changes brought about by the divorce in Texas. The kids will have to be passed from one parent to the other and it will be difficult for them to adjust to that setup especially with schoolwork threatening to eat them alive. It is also likely that they will be suffering from emotional scars brought about by the divorce. You will have to help them cope as you cope with the changes yourself. Tips for Dealing with the New School Year after Your Divorce in Texas There are many ways of successfully dealing with the post-divorce changes, and it is especially important to try and do so, since the children will be looking up to you for guidance and support with their own problems and emotions in a very difficult time period. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that your kids’ school year after your divorce in Texas can still have a sense of normalcy to it: 1. Communicate With Your Ex After Your Divorce in Texas You might think that the finalization of your divorce in Texas means cutting off all ties with your ex-spouse but if you have children, it just isn’t the case. It would be best for your children if you communicate even just for the school needs, activities, extra-curricular activities and homework of your kids. The new school year will be busy. There will […]

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There are children all over the world that were born in less than ideal situations. These children do not have control over their circumstances, but are often subject to a level of discrimination or difficulty. Fortunately, the law in Texas offers degrees of protection. History The state of Texas did not provide inheritance rights for illegitimate children until 1991. That was the time when the Texas Supreme Court stated that the statutes that excluded illegitimate children from this right was unconstitutional, taking its cue from the United Supreme Court’s ruling. The ruling stated that depriving the rights of illegitimate children were a violation of the Constitution, specifically the equal protection clause.  The ruling stated that illegitimacy, like race or country of origin is beyond a citizen’s control. It is also not an indicator of his/her capacity to participate and contribute to society. Thus, using it as a basis for exclusion is a violation of the equal protection clause. Texas Probate Code  In accordance with that principle, the Texas Probate Code now states that illegitimate children can have the same inheritance from their parents as those of the legitimate children, under certain conditions. The key here is establishing paternity. There are many methods wherein a father can voluntarily declare that he is the father of a child. The most obvious way is through DNA testing, but he can also execute a voluntary statement of paternity in accordance with the Family Code or he can also legally adopt the child. The Probate Court also acknowledges consent forms signed by the father in cases of assisted reproduction, like in-vitro fertilization. It is also applicable to legitimate gestational agreements, provided the father is adjudicated to be the father. Once paternity is established, the child will gain inheritance rights as those with legitimate children.  In […]

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In an age where ideas can get really out-of-the box and radically different, it’s very hard to question if some of these ideas actually make sense or are just plain silly. And while sometimes these new ideas may actually be sound, there is a lot of room for misunderstanding and a need for people to adjust to it. This can apply to almost everything, even parenting. One perfect example would be the concept of “free-range parenting”. Free-Range Parenting No, it has nothing to do with letting your children just roam free in a pasture. But it does have to do with allowing your children to have a little more freedom to do things. By adopting this kind of parenting style, you allow your child to learn how to be a little more independent. This can allow them to make mistakes and learning on their own. This doesn’t mean that you leave them all on their own, though with absolutely no supervision. You just watch over them a little less, the opposite of what a “helicopter parent” would do.  Is It Legal? Free-range parenting is a rather new idea and its legality is still being discussed by each state. Since the parenting style allows you to give your kids more control and pushes for them to be independent, there are some instances where what you may do may be seen as neglect or putting your child in danger. One such example would be allowing your child to go to school and back on their own. States without and laws on free-range parenting such as Texas may see something like this as neglect on the part of the parents. And while this may not have been your intention, it may be hard to argue. It would be best to adjust your free-range […]

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Adoption in Texas is just one of the types of cases family law attorneys must deal with at times. Family law is indeed an area of law that has its own difficult circumstances. It’s mostly because family law attorneys have to deal with individual families who are going through the toughest period in their life. What makes it more difficult is the fact that sometimes, the result of the case doesn’t turn up the way we hope or expect it to be. We usually see who suffers the most, even under the best circumstances. Usually, it’s the children. However, adoption in Texas is not part of the depressing side of the practice. In fact, it’s one of the few types of cases wherein everyone can feel hopeful and bright. True, we can’t expect much humanity from people nowadays, but if you take time to watch court hearings regarding adoption, you’d see it. True, it’s mostly filled with tension and anxiety, but after all of that, when the adoption becomes successful, you’d see a beautiful sight. That is, the joy of new parents and children finding new parents. To commence the start of their parent-child relationship, the courtroom personnel, including the judge, hand out teddy bears and take photos with the new family. If you are witnessing this scene, you might wonder how this came to be. Everyone knows it’s not easy for couples who want a child to actually find a child to adopt and to be able to take that child home. What Does Adoption Mean? Adoption means that you will legally take on the rights and duties of being a parent to a child that is not biologically yours. This means that those rights that originally belonged to the biological parents will be legally transferred to you. For […]

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Drug Addiction
Substance abuse is one of the usual cracks in the pavement that can be hard to cover up, especially once it affects people beyond those of the abusers. For example, a rebelling teenager who abuses drugs and alcohol could have his or her parents worried sick over his or her lack of control with addiction and therefore affect them in numerous ways that may be unnoticeable. However, it is so much worse the other way around, especially if it involves underaged children. Since most parents who fall prey over substance abuse tend to do so by neglect of responsibilities, the chances of also neglecting their children during this time will be high. This neglect, in turn, could be considered as child abuse and would thereby allow the authorities to take actions against you.  It is written in most state laws that should any expecting or experienced parent be caught doing substance abuse must be reported to the authorities immediately. Usually, child protective services are alarmed for this cases to ensure that the children of substance abusers are in much safer hands than they were before. Assessments automatically follow after the authorities have been notified.  There are only two overarching harms parents could do to their children while under substance abuse. One is exposing the unborn child to the addiction, which means that the mother has taken illegal drugs or uncontrollable amounts of alcohol during the pregnancy. The second is unintentionally or intentionally exposing them to any illegal drug activity inside the home and surrounding environment while they are growing up. Written below is a list of the frequent reasons and possible circumstances that parents could be charged by the child protective services for: Creating illegal substances in the midst or presence of a child Allowing a child to be in […]

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long-distance parenting
When the final decrees for divorce have been handed down, there might be one parent who would be on the outside looking in.  The usual set-up in Texas is that there is one parent who will be the primary custodian. The other parent may have custody for fewer days in a week or even just visitation. At times, they may even be confined to a place a long distance away from their child. The Long-Distance Parenting Plan It is inevitable that you have to work with your ex-spouse. This is why the hope is that all the emotions have been threshed out in the divorce proceedings. If your ex-spouse is the primary custodian and you have moved away for any reason, then here are some options you may discuss. Monthly Visits If you need to take a plane ride to reach your spouse’s residence, you may arrange for monthly visits instead of weekly. You may also arrange bi-weekly (twice a month) visits, and you would need to inform your co-parent about it. There should be careful planning and consideration on your part as the courts usually prefer to have less disruption on the child’s daily routine. You may also reach a compromise for the child to travel with you, the non-custodial parent, as long as there is clear consent from the primary custodian. Gaining Custody During School Breaks Monthly visits can be limited, and you may have to stay in a temporary residence or a hotel. You can agree to share the school vacations of the child in your own home. You can take half of the summer vacation and or agree to split holidays. For example, the child can stay with you on Thanksgiving but has to spend Christmas with your ex-spouse. You can split the seasons and revolve […]

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Guide to Emergency Custody Petitions in Texas 1
When you need an emergency custody order, it’s always ideal to hire a family law attorney. Although you can always represent yourself at a family court without the aid of an attorney, it’s always better to hire one so that you can be guided through the process accordingly. Every case is unique and your circumstances may not be exactly the same as everyone else’s but if you want emergency custody to be granted by the judge, one requirement is constant: you need to present proof in court. However, the proof you need might be different from that of others, depending on your personal circumstances. You will also have to consider the rules of the local court, the judge for your case, the guidelines of the Texas Family Code and the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. Some courts have made their rules available online, but this is not the case for every court. If you cannot find information about the rules of the local court where you filed your case, you can always call the court to speak with a clerk in order to find out more about the rules. To know more about the judge, you can try to sit in court while there is an ongoing hearing to see what the judge is like. Note that some judges tend to do things differently, so expect some slight differences. Emergency Orders There are many types of emergency orders, not just emergency custody. However, most of the emergency orders usually deal with minors. As for emergency custody orders, if you want to be granted this custody order, you will need to file a custody petition in court. However, there are also many different types of custody petitions for you to choose from. You can file for Divorce Establishment of Paternity and […]

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