Child Custody

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Conservatorship pertains to the physical and legal aspects of the custody over the children when the parents are not married anymore or the parties have never been married to begin with. The word “custody” is not really a term recognized by the laws of Texas. It is considered to be the loose term for conservatorship. The person assigned by the court to take custody or conservatorship of the children is called the conservator. There are three kinds of conservator –– Joint Managing Conservators, Sole Managing Conservator, and Possessory Conservator. In this article, the differences between the first two types of […]

What’s the Difference Between a Sole Managing and Joint Managing Conservator?   Recently updated !

We’re already halfway through the year and it still looks like this pandemic’s far from being over. While other countries are having more success dealing with it, the US still has a pretty long way to go. This pandemic has affected several aspects of our everyday lives. The best way to deal with it is to adjust the way we live in the meantime. Sadly, even things such as custody orders are affected. But to what extent? The State You’re In Each state may have its own unique rules and orders. The state of Texas has a stay-at-home order. Citizens […]

Can I Be Denied Custody Because of Covid-19?

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The purpose of child support is to ensure that a child is taken care of. This is a social value that tracks from the idea that all children are inherently innocent (true) and thus deserve to be supported even if it creates hardships for the parents. However, some situations create results that are so egregious that this philosophy NEEDS to be altered. Take for example, the case of Nick Olivas. At the age of 14, he was statutorily raped by a 20 year old woman who later became pregnant and had his child. 10 years later at the age of […]

Forced Child Support for Rape Victims

As to every institution, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought difficulties due to its impact on the economy. It is undeniable that daycare providers play an essential role for parents, especially those who are working. These daycare centers contribute to the early development of children. Nevertheless, a lot of parents are having second thoughts. They think that this crisis will force them to spend more than they did before for child care. Daycare Costs Prior to the Pandemic According to the Economic Policy Institute, daycare may cost around $400 up to $1700 in a month, depending on which state a person […]

The Effect of COVID-19 to Daycare Costs

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Interaction after separation from a former spouse can be awkward and might lead to a little tension between the ex-couples. Divorce after marriage is complicated, especially when you have kids together. Most of the time, divorced couples usually still have children at a school age. For the sake of the kids, parents will always do their best to cooperate with each other even if they are not in good terms. Here are some points that can be helpful in co-parenting your kids at school. First, set aside all personal sentiments towards each other. Of course, you had or still have […]

Divorced Parents: Co-Parenting Tips before Kids go to School

One of the most difficult matters that a married couple will deal with is divorce and consequentially, custody battle. For whatever reasons, it will certainly be a tough time not just for both of them as individuals but also for the child. A spouse having a mental illness, however, will aggravate and make these situations even more complicated. The primary focus of attention in every custody case is the child’s welfare. Though the courts allow both parents to share, the court will likely to award sole custody to one parent when it sees that one parent is unfit to take […]

Having Mental Health Problems While in a Custody Battle