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To Immunize or Not Science and medical research have come a pretty long way. Health care has vastly improved and benefited humankind since its inception. There is the development of drugs, finding safer ways to perform surgeries and new technologies for diagnosis and treatment. Despite all the science and research, it may still be hard to convince people of what is necessary and effective. A good example of this would be when it comes to immunizations. For the past few years or so, doubt regarding the safety and necessity of vaccines has been coming up. There are movements where parents choose not to vaccinate their children. It’s not much of a problem if you and your co-parent are on the same page. What if you’re not? Vaccines and Distrust Towards Them The Good Since the development of the first vaccine by Edward Jenner, it was discovered that certain diseases could be prevented. The eventual development of vaccines has helped decrease the incidence of diseases that were discovered to be preventable, even eradicating smallpox and polio. Vaccines eventually became a useful tool for public health. It proved to help keep people healthy by controlling the occurrence of diseases. Immunizations work by helping people get immunity to those certain diseases. The Bad While this seemed to be a great thing, a study in the 1990s came out claiming that vaccines caused autism. This caused people to panic and begin to avoid vaccinations. Eventually, the study was debunked. However, damage done to people’s perception of vaccines could not be undone. It left distrust as to the efficacy of vaccines. And as if that wasn’t enough, people began to even think that vaccines had been just a way for “Big Pharma” to make money out of people and also get them sick just so […]

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Going through a divorce is something that might not be unusual nowadays. A lot of couples may end up disagreeing on a lot of things. Many think that maybe it would be best to part ways. For adults, it’s easy to understand this. But for a child, why this would happen may not make much sense to them. Explaining the situation may help them understand why mom and dad are deciding to split up. It might help if they find a way to see how divorces go and how life goes on after. One good way they could see that would be through movies where the story revolves around a child’s parents divorcing. If you plan on doing so, you may want to consider these two movies. Boyhood This movie revolves around how the youngest child, Mason, sees life with his parents having separated at a young age. The movie follows Mason for 12 years. Mason grows up together with his sister. The movie shows his life from when their parents were still married until after the divorce. One thing that is shown in this movie is the reality about relationships. We are shown how some relationships just turn out great while others don’t end up so great. Some are better off just putting an end to. By helping your child see this reality regarding relationships, maybe they can understand why mom and dad are choosing to part ways. Mrs. Doubtfire Starring the late Robin Williams, this movie helps show us divorce in a rather light way. This movie revolves around how Robin Williams chooses to secretly see his children by disguising himself as a nanny for his kids. Though this may be illegal in reality, Mrs. Doubtfire shows us that just a parent’s love for their children isn’t any […]

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The world is currently being taken over by a pandemic known as the novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. After a few months, the virus has spread practically all over the world. People are scrambling, trying to figure out how to deal with this new and never-before-seen type of coronavirus. While scientists are still trying to find a cure for the virus, we should not panic. There are still ways to protect yourself from the virus and avoid contracting it. The Current Situation in Texas and US As of March 14, the number of coronavirus cases in the US has gone up to 2,900 with an estimated 59 deaths. There have been over 30 confirmed cases in the state of Texas, with about 50 more pending tests from Texas citizens. It is because of this that the governor has decided to declare a state of disaster. What Can You Do? While the statistics do seem pretty scary, one shouldn’t just go scrambling about in a blind panic. Yes, the virus is very infectious and can spread, but there are still some things you can do. The first thing you should do is know what you’re dealing with. Not much is known about it since it is new, but what is definitely known is that the virus has a predilection for those who are immunocompromised as well as the more elderly individuals in the population. These two populations are at higher risk of acquiring the virus. But whether you are old or young, healthy or not, you should all exercise the same caution.  Maintain Proper Hygiene One of the most basic ways to avoid getting the virus is to maintain proper hygiene. That includes washing your hands properly, and health agencies all over the world cannot stress the importance of this […]

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I read an article today that estimated that more than 120,000 men paying child support for children that aren’t theirs. The article didn’t go into much detail regarding how that number was reached, but even if the true number were half that, it is still somewhat staggering. I have personally come across this enough times to think it probably isn’t that far off either. There are a number of different situations that can cause this, but the most common in my experience are when Mom will tell someone that they are currently romantically involved in that they are father and are the only person who could be the father. This person believes them and signs the birth certificate and/or a potential acknowledgement of paternity. Then, low and behold, they find out that Mom was sleeping with other people and begins to question paternity and/or gets a paternity test. It seems like the process should be simple at this point with how conclusive DNA testing. Simply show the evidence, get parental rights terminated, no more child support right? Not so fast! Unfortunately, almost nothing in the legal arena works simply, and this process least of all. First of all, pretty much everything in this process requires hiring an attorney, simply because every step of the process is like pulling teeth, and that creates its own complication for people struggling financially (child support payments for other people’s children certainly don’t help with this!). Second, even if you can conclusively prove you are not the father, the judge may determine that you are “effectively” the father either due to an acknowledgement of paternity, or based on the fact that you may have been acting as the father for this period of time. This means that you can still end up on the hook for past, […]

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Divorces can be a pretty stressful experience. While the process of divorce itself can get very difficult, life after the divorce can be just as hard. Getting used to how life after divorce can take a lot of trial and error to adjust to. But if you think that parents have it hard, kids can suffer too. The divorce can affect children just as much as it would for their parents, sometimes even worse. How well they do in school would be a perfect example. Having to Adjust For kids, life can get very confusing and difficult after their parents’ divorce. Some may have a harder time than others because some divorces may just be sudden and unexpected. If one wasn’t expecting their parents to divorce, he wouldn’t really know how to feel about it. But if a divorce was expected, they’d also have a difficult time, but not just as much. This would be because these children have somehow already acknowledged and expected, not being that surprised that it happened. In a sense, they’re more adjusted to having a life that’s constantly disrupted due to their parents’ marriage. This helps them carry on with their everyday life much easier. Who Has It Easier? One might think wealthier children may be able to adjust better than other children. After all, they are provided for. That isn’t necessarily true as a recent study revealed that wealthier children may even have a harder time adjusting. It can negatively affect their school performance. It showed that money wasn’t really of any help to them in adjusting in school following their parents’ divorce. The study showed that even kids coming from regular had an easier time adjusting, and sometimes not even needing to adjust at all, as they were more used to life was […]

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Being a parent to a child doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be their biological parent. Parenthood can come in all forms. It can be from an uncle, aunt, grandparent, a close adult family friend, and even from a step-parent. While being step-parent may seem a little strange at first, it can result in a good parent-child relationship. Sometimes that relationship even grows so much that step-parents decide to take it further and adopt their step-children. Adoption Requirements Before a step-parent goes on to the adoption process, at least one of a few conditions must be met. Only one living biological parent remains and such a parent is absent. The parent has no involvement in the child’s life. The absent biological parent is okay with the adoption of the stepchild These are the conditions for the relinquishment of parental rights of the biological parent. The adoption process will begin once any of the conditions are met. The Adoption Process The adoption process is technically two steps: Relinquishing of the absent parent’s rights over their child The actual adoption process. The step-parent, together with their spouse, must file their petition to adopt their step-child at the local family court in the locality where the child resides. An evaluator will be then sent by the court to conduct a “social study” after the petition has been filed, a. This involves taking a closer look at the family by visiting their home and making observations. Employment and financial records are checked. Both the parents and the child are subjected to screening. After this, an amicus attorney is assigned to the child to look after the child’s best interests during the entire adoption process. Such an attorney will interview the step-parent, the biological parent, and the child. Once this is all done, the […]

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What a Bill of Review Means in a Family Law Case in Texas
First and foremost, what is a bill of review? Basically, a bill of review is a method to secure a new trial after the initial trial has ended. For instance, if you had a case in Texas and you were not satisfied with the result, you have the option to seek means to get a new trial. One option is to file a motion for a new trial, and another is an equitable bill of review. If you had received a default judgment, the best way to approach your case is to file a motion for a new trial. You can get a fresh start with your case when you file the motion for a new trial within thirty days from the day the judgment is signed.   On the other hand, a bill of review can be filed anytime from four months to four years from the day the judgment was signed in court. There is an exception to this rule though. If you can prove that fraud was involved and it greatly influenced the ruling of the judge, you might be granted a bill of review even after the 4-year period is over. An example of this would be when you have enough evidence that you were lied to by the opposing party, which caused you to fail to show up in court on the day of the trial.     How to Get a Bill of Review Granted   How can you increase your chances of successfully winning a bill of review motion? Of course, there is a standard set in Texas law that states what things are needed to win a hearing for bill of review. We can also take a look at what is needed in a motion for new trial to get an idea […]

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The state of Texas will always look after the welfare of the children in a divorce. The state will also acknowledge the responsibility of each parent even after their marriage is dissolved. While the normal route for divorce is that there would be one custodial parent, the state also supports the idea of joint custody.  Sharing Custody of the Child There are many instances where the court will grant sole custody. That means the children will spend the majority of their time with one parent, and also that parent will be exclusively the one who will make the major decisions that affect the children.  Texas actually wants to encourage joint custody, since that will give more chances for each parent can nurture a meaningful relationship with the children. Joint legal custody will allow both parents to participate in decision making.  They will also share the legal custody rights. This will also mean that the children actually have two legal homes—even if there will still be a designated custodial parent who will get possession of the child.  Possession is the term used in the Family Code and also in the Final Decree of Divorce. It is possible that a parent can have only legal custody but not possession. In this case, they would not physically have their child in their home, but they are part of the decision making. This may not be satisfactory for most parents since they are seeking the physical company of their children.  Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Custody When a couple divorces, the child will be subject to many changes. Most counselors would advise parents to keep as many factors constant as possible—the child’s school and activities should still continue if they can help it. This is why it would be advantageous to have consistent contact […]

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