Child Custody

The subject of getting custody for children usually arises when a couple is going through or already filed a divorce. Parents should act on their responsibilities in raising their children. Below are some details on what you are about to go through while arranging a child custody case. Filing for Custody The parent planning to request custody must file it in the home state of the child. The home state applies to where the child has been living for six months with the parent/guardian. It is legal for a parent to file for custody without a lawyer. However, hiring one […]

Child Custody in Texas: How Long is the Process?

Recreational activities are a normal occurrence in children’s lives. From outdoor activities in waterparks to indoor activities in a playhouse, these are some of the things that kids can do to get some exercise in, find a new pastime to get into, or just simply have fun. While a lot of these activities are generally safe, some still require a parent to sign a waiver for their children. This is to inform them that they’re aware of some of the risks that their child may face whilst do certain activities. Signing a waiver doesn’t seem like such a big deal, […]

What a Divorced Parent Should Know before Signing Waivers and Similar Documents

We’re already halfway through the year and it still looks like this pandemic’s far from being over. While other countries are having more success dealing with it, the US still has a pretty long way to go. This pandemic has affected several aspects of our everyday lives. The best way to deal with it is to adjust the way we live in the meantime. Sadly, even things such as custody orders are affected. But to what extent? The State You’re In Each state may have its own unique rules and orders. The state of Texas has a stay-at-home order. Citizens […]

Can I Be Denied Custody Because of Covid-19?

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They say you get to know your partner more when you start living together under the same roof. Learn how to work with your partner to pay for bills and more importantly, do chores. A “traditional” marriage is letting the woman stay at home and do all the dirty work. This is obviously unfair treatment, especially when the husband isn’t doing anything to help. This might cause problems in the long run. Now, it’s different and more progressive: Couples work as a team to make their marriage work and last a long, long time. So, how do you split the […]

How to Divide Chores at Home for a Lasting Marriage

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Being a parent entails supporting children in every aspect of their lives— including financial support. Your kids can’t earn for themselves yet. They are totally dependent on their parents. A change in one’s financial situation can affect a parent’s ability to support the child or make child custody payments. Unemployment can raise questions about financial capacity and this may cause changes in the support order of your custody agreement.  Remember, it’s not easy to save money. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have savings left for the rainy days. People change and lose jobs. It’s normal. We get to […]

Will You Lose Custody When You Lose Your Job?

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There are times that when a couple is not married but have children, the child will not have an acknowledged legal father. This is because Paternity is not yet established. In the eyes of the law, Paternity should be established in order for a child to have a legal father, even without the child’s parents marrying. For a brief background, Paternity covers the state of being a father to a person. When Paternity is established in a family, the father’s name will be indicated in the birth certificate of the child. In the same manner, the father will also have […]

What is Paternity?