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Adoption in Texas is just one of the types of cases family law attorneys must deal with at times. Family law is indeed an area of law that has its own difficult circumstances. It’s mostly because family law attorneys have to deal with individual families who are going through the toughest period in their life. What makes it more difficult is the fact that sometimes, the result of the case doesn’t turn up the way we hope or expect it to be. We usually see who suffers the most, even under the best circumstances. Usually, it’s the children. However, adoption in Texas is not part of the depressing side of the practice. In fact, it’s one of the few types of cases wherein everyone can feel hopeful and bright. True, we can’t expect much humanity from people nowadays, but if you take time to watch court hearings regarding adoption, you’d see it. True, it’s mostly filled with tension and anxiety, but after all of that, when the adoption becomes successful, you’d see a beautiful sight. That is, the joy of new parents and children finding new parents. To commence the start of their parent-child relationship, the courtroom personnel, including the judge, hand out teddy bears and take photos with the new family. If you are witnessing this scene, you might wonder how this came to be. Everyone knows it’s not easy for couples who want a child to actually find a child to adopt and to be able to take that child home. What Does Adoption Mean? Adoption means that you will legally take on the rights and duties of being a parent to a child that is not biologically yours. This means that those rights that originally belonged to the biological parents will be legally transferred to you. For […]

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Getting a divorce costs money. Most of the time, they don’t come cheap. There are a lot of things you’ll need to shell out money for to help your divorce go along. One of those things would be for a lawyer. After all, getting a lawyer would be one of the more important things that you’ll need. A lawyer will help you as you go through your divorce proceedings. Paying for lawyer’s fees may be a little difficult financially for some people, especially if there’s a child involved. If you find yourself in this situation and want to know what to do, read on and find out. What’s a SAPCR? In divorces that have children involved, there may be what is called a “Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship” (SAPCR). As the name suggests, a SAPCR is filed when there is anything during the divorce proceedings that comes up that might affect your child’s relationship with you. Basically, the SAPCR looks after your child’s safety and welfare. Who Pays for the Lawyer’s Fees? Since divorce proceedings can cost a lot of money, as well as the lawyers needed to help get them going. In some cases, one party may not have enough money to help pay for a lawyer. Usually, the payment of lawyer’s fees can be discussed, sometimes even contested. Depending on what happens, the lawyer’s fees may be covered by one party, awarded to the other party, or they might still be your responsibility to pay for. In some instances, SAPCRs can help decide who pays for the lawyer’s fees of the concerned party. Since SAPCRs help in looking after the child’s welfare, payment of the lawyer’s fees can be put on hold temporarily if the parent who has custody of the child may not have the finances to […]

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The state of Texas has laws that seek to protect the welfare of children. However, the parents of the children need to be responsible for their affairs in order to keep everything in order. For parents who did not get married, then there are provisions in the law that they need to observe. Common-Law Marriage Texas recognizes common-law marriages. These are marriages without formalities like the marriage license or a ceremony. The State has certain requirements before recognizing a couple as married. Firstly, they should agree that they are married. Second, they should live together as husband and wife. Finally, they should declare themselves to the general public as a married couple. This means they should introduce themselves as married to each other and also engage in legal affairs like a married couple, like jointly applying for credit.  They are considered married once the requirements are established. It is understood that only adults above the age of eighteen can marry under these terms. Children in a Common Law Marriage It should be clarified that these are the conditions for a common-law marriage. Having children is not necessarily a prerequisite, nor can it be a substitute. Just because a couple has a child together, that does not make them a married couple. They still need to fulfill those conditions.  The children in a common-law marriage will have the same status as those of a married couple. Thus, they are legitimate children with complete rights to inheritance and under the same legal protections as children of regular marriages. The same is true when a common-law couple divorces. There will be a distribution of property, with recognition of community or conjugal property. There will be entitlements to child support and a right to petition for alimony.  State Recognition It should also be noted […]

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Going through a divorce is something that might not be unusual nowadays. A lot of couples may end up disagreeing on a lot of things. Many think that maybe it would be best to part ways. For adults, it’s easy to understand this. But for a child, why this would happen may not make much sense to them. Explaining the situation may help them understand why mom and dad are deciding to split up. It might help if they find a way to see how divorces go and how life goes on after. One good way they could see that would be through movies where the story revolves around a child’s parents divorcing. If you plan on doing so, you may want to consider these two movies. Boyhood This movie revolves around how the youngest child, Mason, sees life with his parents having separated at a young age. The movie follows Mason for 12 years. Mason grows up together with his sister. The movie shows his life from when their parents were still married until after the divorce. One thing that is shown in this movie is the reality about relationships. We are shown how some relationships just turn out great while others don’t end up so great. Some are better off just putting an end to. By helping your child see this reality regarding relationships, maybe they can understand why mom and dad are choosing to part ways. Mrs. Doubtfire Starring the late Robin Williams, this movie helps show us divorce in a rather light way. This movie revolves around how Robin Williams chooses to secretly see his children by disguising himself as a nanny for his kids. Though this may be illegal in reality, Mrs. Doubtfire shows us that just a parent’s love for their children isn’t any […]

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A mediated settlement agreement, especially in divorce cases, can help both parties in so many aspects. Choosing to work out an agreement outside the courtroom rather than having a judge decide on the case will enable the parties to save money and time. Having an agreement also lets the parties plot the course of the future of their family. This is also favored by judges since it entails the reduction of trials and hearings on temporary orders that they must oversee. The only exception is when there is the involvement of children in the case because a judge must still ensure that the settlement agreements are in the child’s best interests. In Re: Stephanie Lee Most settlement agreements are not changed by judges who are to sign them. However, a recent case that happened in Houston, where two judges who were assigned to the case refused to sign and honor an agreement due to the fact that they believed it was not for the best interest of the children. The name of this case was In Re: Stephanie Lee. The Texas Supreme Court had to decide whether to uphold the validity of the settlement agreement or not. The father and mother were dealing with a post-divorce child custody case. They both had agreed to a Mediated Settlement Agreement, which included the pre-scheduled visitation of both parents with the child. Shortly after coming up with the binding agreement, the father told the judge during a hearing with the Court that he no longer assents to the agreement, specifically with regard to his ex-wife’s visitation because of her marriage to a registered sex offender. The judges refused to sign off on the agreement made between the parties because they believe letting a child be around a registered sex offender did not satisfy […]

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Some divorce cases are fortunately finalized in summer where you can still have ample time to make the transition before the school year starts. However, no matter how much time you have set aside for the transition and preparation for the new school year, it can still be challenging and tough for everyone, especially the kids. This is where you can really see how your family will handle the changes brought about by the divorce in Texas. The kids will have to be passed from one parent to the other and it will be difficult for them to adjust to that setup especially with schoolwork threatening to eat them alive. It is also likely that they will be suffering from emotional scars brought about by the divorce. You will have to help them cope as you cope with the changes yourself. Tips for Dealing with the New School Year after Your Divorce in Texas There are many ways of successfully dealing with the post-divorce changes, and it is especially important to try and do so, since the children will be looking up to you for guidance and support with their own problems and emotions in a very difficult time period. Here are some tips that you can use to ensure that your kids’ school year after your divorce in Texas can still have a sense of normalcy to it: 1. Communicate With Your Ex After Your Divorce in Texas You might think that the finalization of your divorce in Texas means cutting off all ties with your ex-spouse but if you have children, it just isn’t the case. It would be best for your children if you communicate even just for the school needs, activities, extra-curricular activities and homework of your kids. The new school year will be busy. There will […]

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As a parent, getting divorced from your partner can definitely be a devastating experience for you. And if it’s already pretty devastating for you, imagine how much more devastating it might be for your child. For a young child, having your parents get a divorce could be a pretty confusing thing. And now that it’s just you and your child, you’ll have to make sure that you can still be the best parent that you can be for them. Though it might seem a little hard at first, you’ll eventually get the hang of it. If you’re still a little scared by the situation, don’t worry. Just continue reading and take some of these tips into consideration. Help Your Child Understand the Situation The best way to help parent your child through this situation would be to help them understand the situation that they’re in. Explain why it’s just you two now. But do make sure that you do it in such a way that they understand and that you don’t put any negative feelings in your explanation. Try to be as objective as possible. Also, make sure that they don’t ever think or feel that it’s their fault. After all, the divorce was between you and your partner. Focus on What’s Best for the Both of You Given your situation, now you’ll have to make decisions that will benefit you and your child. Be sure to focus on raising your child in ways that will help strengthen your relationship with your child. Also make sure that whatever decisions you make, both of you will grow from it. Even if the situation might not be ideal, remember that there are still opportunities for both of you to continue to grow. Just because your marriage ended doesn’t mean that better days […]

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How you choose to raise your child will have a big impact on the kind of person they’ll become as they grow up. That is why you need to be careful with how you choose to act towards them, especially during the years leading up to their adolescence. The way you discipline them is especially important because this can either help mold them into better or worse people, believe it or not. That’s why you need to know how to discipline them properly. What TexProtects Says TexProtects, an organization in Texas focused on the protection of children, believes that any verbal or physical punishments that may cause a child trauma has no place in disciplining a child. Contrary to what some people may think, any harmful verbal or physical disciplinary action is done on a child does more harm than good. A continuously growing body of knowledge backs this up. Doing anything that may cause your childhood trauma when disciplining them will only affect them negatively as they continue to grow. Talk to Your Children The best way to discipline your children is to talk to them about what is wrong and what is right. You may think that they might not understand you because they are still children, but they will if you really just try to talk to them about it. Hurting your child because they did something wrong won’t make much sense to them compared to reprimanding your child by telling them what they did wrong and why it was wrong. Make them know that behavior like that won’t be tolerated and will merit punishment. Be Firm, But Reasonable When it comes to punishments, make sure that what they get is proportionate to what they did. Of course, any verbal or physically harmful consequences are out of […]

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