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Being a single parent should never be a hindrance; not to you, not to your career, and especially not to love. If you’re lucky to find a love that stands the test of time, why should you let it go? However, before deciding to tie the knot with your partner, you should ask yourself these difficult questions. This will help you really get a good grasp on the future you’re embarking on. Is Your Partner Willing to Change Diapers or Handle Teenage Angst? You are a parent. You have to make sure that your partner knows that before you get […]

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A divorce in Texas or anywhere else, is definitely life-changing. It could be a major turning point in your life. The result of the divorce might make you feel like you’ve won or lost, but regardless of that, you will have to cope along with your family members. There are many legalities you and your family will have to deal with before you can properly start a new life after your divorce. You will have to discuss these things with your family members too. Changing your Name Even before you started the process of your divorce in Texas, you might […]

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Pets are adorable, sometimes it’s hard to say no to buying (or adopting) one for your home. It’s true, they’re good companions and they can your life more fun—complete your family, even. But you have to ask yourself and your partner: “Are we ready to take care of it?” There are several things you have to consider before adding a fur baby to your family. So, before you give in to those puppy dog eyes, you have to take some things into consideration first. The responsibilities Just like children, pets need constant care and attention. They also need to be […]

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The State of Texas has the full intention of looking out for the welfare of its children. It provides laws and guidelines to ensure that the adults act responsibly in their treatment of children. Aside from custody, child support and other aspects, the state also has rules for babysitting.  Legal Babysitting Age Texas law does not have a specified legal age for babysitting. What it does require is a certificate to work for anyone under the age of 18. In this case, the federal law states that the minimum age for anyone to work is 14.  Texas allows the parents […]

Guidelines for Babysitting in Texas

parental alienation
A lot of times during messy divorces and custody battles, the children can get caught in the middle. You may not want to admit it, but you want your child to pick you over your spouse. Your spouse may feel the same way. This seemingly endless tug-of-war can be exhausting, not only for you but also for your children.  Getting caught in the middle of a war can oftentimes end in broken relationships that may take time to mend. Parental alienation makes the child choose sides in a divorce or custody proceedings. This could completely damage the alienated parent’s relationship […]

Putting a Stop to Parental Alienation

  If you are getting a divorce, you won’t really need other people to tell you that it’s going to be tough for your child. You would feel it in your bones – children will usually have it worse. As children are growing, they thrive well if the environment is stable and consistent. If some areas of their lives are in turmoil, it could affect everything else and their outlook can change enormously. You can expect them to be one of those ‘troubled children’ pretty easily if they don’t get the help they need during chaotic times like your divorce. […]

How To Help Your Child Cope With Your Divorce