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Every couple who enters into marriage have the intention for it to last forever. However, the vows of staying together in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer is much easier said than done. The challenge of two different people in a lifetime commitment may seem overwhelming. Despite the reported increase of divorce cases in the country, a successful marriage is not impossible. There are many couples who have truly embodied the “’til death do us part” vow, and they share some of their secrets. Recognize Each Other’s Differences It is often said that Opposites Attract, and it is likely that the quality a person finds attractive is one that he/she does not possess. A shy person may be drawn to someone outspoken, or a person who is always organized may appreciate a partner’s spontaneity. These relationships will be exciting, but when they live and make decisions together, a common complaint that arises is “Why can’t you be more like me?” The first secret to a lasting marriage is to always remember that they remain two unique individuals who simply chose to share their lives together. The goal is to appreciate each other’s differences, not to change the other and make them the same. Understand that Men and Women Have Different Needs Even with the increasing ambiguity of gender roles, the fundamental needs of men and women are still different: women need love and men need respect. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two so we need to define further.  Women need to feel secure and assured that they are the priority in a man’s life. Men need to know that their wives will always support them in his ventures, whether they end in victory and defeat. In most successful marriages, even in modern set-ups where both […]

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  The holiday season may be almost over but it’s not a secret that it remains a challenge for divorced parents in Texas. Divorced parents also have to buy gifts, make and carry out plans for the holidays but it’s a period they have to deal with a little differently. To top that off, the holiday obligations all parents have to deal with can cause them to lose sight of what really counts during the holiday season. This season is still one that’s meant to be celebrated and enjoyed.   Stresses and Challenges of Divorced Parents in Texas   If you are a divorced parent, you must be already well-versed regarding the challenges and the struggles this holiday season brings. For sure you have your own holiday plans, and your spouse also has his or her own plans. Both of your expectations could be different, which poses as a potential risk for disappointments on either side during the holidays. Even if things go well between you and your ex-spouse for the rest of the year in terms of co-parenting, it is the holiday season at the end of the year that will really test your civility towards each other. There can be a stifling tension between you and your co-parent, which could stem from different plans and holiday ideas. Both of you will want to have the children with you for the holidays but since you’re living separately, it’s a difficult thing to accept the fact that one must spend the holiday without the children, as per court orders. Your children will be able to sense the stress and tension and it will hinder them from completely enjoying the holidays.   Civil for the Holidays   An obvious solution to this problem is for both parents to try to remain […]

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If you’re one of the many people who never wanted kids, who had an unplanned baby too early, or who believes that you can’t make a great life for your child, then you might want to know that it is possible to relinquish your parental rights, at least according to Texas Law. Even though the state protocol for parents is to encourage active participation and involvement in the child’s life, the law contains loopholes for pretty much everything given the right circumstances and pieces of evidence. It’s not a common action, most of the time, parents who aren’t ready to become parents resort to child abandonment or neglect. Which is sad because the children are left to grow up unguided in the care of the state. So if you consider yourself fitting in one of the descriptions mentioned above, I want you to know that you have another choice – a healthier and better choice at that, although it might be frowned upon. There are two general points the court would have to consider before freeing you of your parental rights. A Strong and Valid reason You can give up your parental rights, provided that you have a strong and valid reason for your case to be allowed in court. Of course, it won’t be easy and you have to go through the right procedures which may take a while, but it’s better to accept your unfitness early on than make the child suffer in the end. Another factor the court would check is if there is another person willing to step up, before you ultimately step down from your position as a parent. For instance, if you were forced into parenthood because of an unplanned pregnancy, you will need to provide child support for a kid you didn’t even […]

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Life may not turn out how we want it to be. It’s not even covered with the glitters, sparkles, and unicorn riding in rainbows. Frequently, it is brutal and unforgiving. The same goes for marriage. It can start from the most romantic story from a well-written fictional book, but it may end with two broken hearts, two broken persons and God forbid, children that will forever be affected with the life-altering decision to split. But, if the latter took place and you are now on your separate ways, living life without the pain of yesterday, how can you possibly even talk to each other? In this article, we’ll be presenting you the 3R’s of healthy and civil communication with your ex-spouse. You need to take note of the following tips, and no misunderstandings shall occur.   Reconcile differences and respect it This is not an easy step towards progress, but this is the most crucial one. There’s nothing more devastating than looking or being reminded of how your love story ended in a whirlwind of lies, heartbreaks, and tears. The key to making communication successful with an ex-spouse is to accept whatever differences you both have and do not let your emotions interfere or add meaning to it. It’ll only complicate the situation. Respect the relationship even if you have negative feelings towards the other person This may be tough but keep in mind that for some degree and time in your life, you only had each other to hold on. In cases that you want to talk about your kids or legal things that you need to decide accordingly, always speak to that person in a professional matter. No name-calling, no strings, and emotions attached. For example, instead of calling him a douchebag, write a correspondence that addresses him […]

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Divorce is often seen as a final resort which a couple should avoid at all costs. There are situations where divorce could be the only option and in these cases, the family has no choice but to survive. Regardless of the circumstances of divorce, the children are always caught in the crossfire.  Effects of Divorce on Children Divorce will have many effects on younger children since their main source of security is their parents. They could develop trust issues or have an irrational fear of being left alone. This effect could extend into adulthood and affect their relationships. The aftermath of divorce will also subject the child to significant adjustments. Their parents will now live separately and the child has to divide their time with them and also need to stay in two different houses. These adjustments will take their toll on the child and the strain can manifest physically through eating disorders or even self-harm.  In order to help your child survive through your divorce, the parents must observe the following: Assure your child that the divorce is not his fault. If the children have witnessed the deterioration of the relationship, they may place the blame upon themselves. It is imperative for both parents to take responsibility for their decision to divorce and this should be extensively explained to the children. Be patient with the children and avoid telling them to just “move on.” The parents should remember that even if they gradually reached the decision to divorce, it will always come as a shock to their children. Since the parents know that the children will most likely object, they are often excluded in the decision making process. Thus, while the mother and father are mentally prepared and may even have arrangements ready for the upcoming split, the children […]

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A Divorce is something that an entire family has to go through. When a couple gets into a divorce, it is not only the spouses who adjust to the daily changes with their lives. When the couple turns into a family, the children will have to adjust as well. A Divorce is such a big change in each and every member’s life and it will have different consequences for each person. However, it will all lead towards the development and maturity of each family member in order to fully understand why all things must happen and that these things have a purpose. When a Divorce is deemed final by the court, if the parents are in good terms, they are presented with the option to try co-parenting. Co-parenting is when both of the spouses agree to work hand in hand to raise all of the children, even in the midst of a divorce. Co-parenting allows the children to have both a father and a mother figure, and will help them realize that both parents are still committed to the child’s growth, even at the end of the parents’ loving, romantic relationship. Admittedly, this method is not an easy thing to do and there are many steps to be learned as one goes along. This is why there are a handful of tips that parents need to consider if ever they choose to go through co-parenting together. The sole reason as to why both parents work as a team is so that the children are able to cope with the divorce as much as possible. It is truly hard to be in the development stages without a mother or a father constantly there when one needs help. In addition, it is life changing for a child to have parents going through […]

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All through life, we work hard, earn, and invest on properties. Being a single parent makes your hard work even double. You need to make decisions for the sake of your future and your children’s. What if something happens to you? What would be the outcome of your children? Of your properties? Estate planning is one of the most common options for planning ahead the management of your assets and the future of your children. Planning about your assets after your death might not be a pleasant thing to talk about but still, it does happen and it will happen. Most probably no one out there would plan out for you. Aside from the arrangement of your properties, the most important concern is the guardianship of your children. As per usual, when one parent dies, the other will take full responsibility and custody. However, on the event when the other parent is proven to be unfit or does not want to take custody of your child, you might as well designate a guardian to the child. Sona Tatiyants, an attorney, said on BBVA Compass website that the most common mistake that single parents make in choosing guardians is not updating them. For instance, if the person that you have chosen suffers from an illness and is not anymore physically fit to take care of your child, problems may arise at the event of your incapacity as a parent. It says that it is necessary to update guardian choices and to choose the most appropriate.  Another significant point in estate planning is establishing a fiduciary relationship through trusts. This is where you put your assets in the hands of a trustee who will have the rights in the protection of these assets for the benefit of your beneficiary. Assign the management […]

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If you have a kid and a pending divorce or child custody case, you will naturally have many questions about what will happen to the children. Co-parenting or shared custody is normally the set up, save for some special circumstances. During the times that your child is not with you, you might have a lot of worries. In my experience, it is one of the most helpless positions a parent is put in. I have heard from many past clients that when their children were with their ex-spouses, they later find out that their children were actually left under the care of strangers for an entire weekend without their knowledge and consent. It doesn’t seem right to leave your child to a baby sitter, for example, if you are available at that time. It could have been you spending time with your child when your ex-spouse is unavailable. Isn’t it that the very purpose of visitation is for a parent to spend time with his or her child? If that is not possible, then isn’t it just proper for the other spouse to personally look after the child? If you are not comfortable leaving your child under the care of someone else other than your soon ex-spouse, you might be interested to know more about the Right of First Refusal. What is the Right of First Refusal? This is your right, as a parent, to be informed by your ex-spouse that he or she is not available to look after your child during the time he or she is entitled to take possession of your child. Once informed, you then have the first opportunity to take possession of your child. You can also, of course, decline. It means that your child cannot be left with anyone else if you don’t […]

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