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Being a single parent should never be a hindrance; not to you, not to your career, and especially not to love. If you’re lucky to find a love that stands the test of time, why should you let it go? However, before deciding to tie the knot with your partner, you should ask yourself these difficult questions. This will help you really get a good grasp on the future you’re embarking on. Is Your Partner Willing to Change Diapers or Handle Teenage Angst? You are a parent. You have to make sure that your partner knows that before you get […]

6 Questions: A Single Parent’s Guide to Marriage

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You recently got divorced. Your ex-partner has custody over your kids. Now, you’re living on your own or at least living apart from them. Does this sound familiar? If it does, chances are you might be worrying about how you can still be a father to your children. Well, as much as this is a rather scary thought, this really shouldn’t worry you so much. Just because you don’t have custody over your children doesn’t mean being a father to them is impossible.  There are still some things you can do to work around it. Keep in Touch The first […]

How to Keep Your Role as a Father to Your Kids After Divorce When You Are a Non-Custodial Parent

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In an age where ideas can get really out-of-the box and radically different, it’s very hard to question if some of these ideas actually make sense or are just plain silly. And while sometimes these new ideas may actually be sound, there is a lot of room for misunderstanding and a need for people to adjust to it. This can apply to almost everything, even parenting. One perfect example would be the concept of “free-range parenting”. Free-Range Parenting No, it has nothing to do with letting your children just roam free in a pasture. But it does have to do […]

Can I Be A Free-Range Parent in Texas?

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Usually, there is an abrasive atmosphere in divorce proceedings. There are times that it can get outright hostile. Thus, communication between the divorced parents can be awkward, at the very least. After the divorce, the marriage is dissolved, but the estranged couple must understand that they are still co-parents to their children for as long as they live. They have to agree on such pivotal decisions regarding the children’s education, health and residence. They also need to pool their resources to provide for the children’s needs. Nothing will ever be the same between the divorced parents, but they still need […]

Tips Before You Call or Send Messages to Your Ex-Spouse

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Divorce is often seen as a final resort which a couple should avoid at all costs. There are situations where divorce could be the only option and in these cases, the family has no choice but to survive. Regardless of the circumstances of divorce, the children are always caught in the crossfire.  Effects of Divorce on Children Divorce will have many effects on younger children since their main source of security is their parents. They could develop trust issues or have an irrational fear of being left alone. This effect could extend into adulthood and affect their relationships. The aftermath […]

Help Your Child Cope with Divorce

How to Homeschool Kids in Michigan
When you are divorced, deciding to homeschool your child can be a huge issue. When you have an ongoing child custody case, it’s quite easy to worry about every single thing and every single factor that has a potential impact on your case. Even without an ongoing child custody case, a lot of parents are considering homeschool for their child’s education. There are a lot of issues that might cause parents to make this decision. After all, it’s not exactly safe in the schools nowadays. It is something that is not easy to decide on even for parents who are […]

How to Handle Disagreements About Homeschooling After Divorce