Child Support

Divorce can bring about pent up animosity between spouses, and it can manifest in contentious issues like custody, property division, and child support. Each spouse will try to get as much from the other, and with that, no income from each spouse will be left unscathed. The question of whether overtime pay and bonuses should be included when computing child support is a good question. Overtime pay may not be consistent, and certain bonuses are conditional in nature, and some are not in a fixed amount. The best way to answer this question is to consult the Texas Family Code. […]

Overtime or Bonus Included in Child Support

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Divorce is hardly ever a pleasant proceeding. Unfortunately, some situations offer no other recourse than for the law to step in. Texas established geographical restrictions for child support ensuring the child welfare and the equitable behavior of the estranged parents. Geographic Restrictions Defined In the aftermath of a divorce, the main concern of the State is on the child. If the estranged parents are adults with no criminal liability, the court cannot impose any geographic restriction on them. The court can set limitations on where the child can reside. This is the basic definition of Geographic Restrictions in the context […]

Texas Geographic Restrictions for Support and Custody Cases

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The guidelines for child support changes in Texas can be found in the Texas Family Code. There are rules that are strictly imposed when it comes to making child support changes in Texas. There are many factors that can lead to changes in the child support amount. These factors can include a significant increase or in a decrease in income. Child support changes in Texas must be done officially, with the judge’s approval. No matter how much you want to settle the matter outside of the court, it is still ideal to make the changes official for your financial security. […]

Must-Know Facts about Modifying Child Support in Texas

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Michigan man Carnell Alexander owes the state $30k in child support for a child that is not his after his ex-girlfriend named him on state financial assistance forms in 1987. The state requires that a father be listed so that the state can track down the father to reimburse the state for the financial assistance.   Unfortunately for Alexander and other men in similar situations, the state does not require any proof to be provided when naming the father on forms. Instead, the responsibility is passed to the person named to then prove that they are not that person. The […]

Paying Child Support for Someone Else’s Child?

Child custody and support remain one of the more contentious details of divorce proceedings in Texas. The state of Texas will seek to uphold the parental rights of both parents. This as long as they have no record of abuse. At the same time, the state will also emphasize the responsibility of the parents to look after their children. Thus, even when the parent does not become the primary custodian, Texas courts still impose child support conditions. When the Custodial Parent Dies The issue of child support is secondary if it’s the custodial parent who dies. The first thing to […]

What Happens When the Custodial Parent Dies

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A non-custodial parent is the one who does not have primary physical custody over his or her children. However, it is possible for a non-custodial parent to have legal custody, even though he or she lacks physical custody of the children. Many non-custodial parents are actively involved in the lives of their children and they also  enjoy liberal visitation rights and they pay child support. Other than the basic duties that a parent should give to a child such as providing the primary needs, rearing the child into becoming a better citizen and of course, loving them and making sure […]

Responsibilities of the Non-Custodial Parent