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Things to Consider Before Filing a Suit to Modify Child Support

Child support modification is sometimes necessary when your situation calls for it. Sometimes, in a divorce and a child custody case, the outcome isn’t always what you have expected. Every situation is different and things might not always go according to what would be satisfactory and convenient for you. When this happens, as a parent, you’d want changes to be made. For instance, if your spouse got the primary custody of your children and a new partner moves in with him or her that you think is not a good influence for your children, or they get a new job that pays double what they made before, you would naturally want some modifications where child custody and child support is concerned. It’s also possible for you to earn less than before that it’s hard for you to come up with the child support amount so you want it to be decreased. It could also be that you have the primary custody of the children and their needs underwent a massive change, financially, you might also want a child support modification. All these are strong reasons to file a child support modification suit, but will it really be your best move? […]

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Child Support: Overtime, Bonuses, and Guideline Calculations

Child support is a responsibility of any parent. You could be having many different financial obligations so it’s quite natural to worry about how much child support will cost you. There will surely be many questions that will keep crossing your mind. These questions, you can always ask your lawyer for guidance, or you can check out our many articles on child support for more information too. The most common question family law attorneys get regarding child support is basically how much it would cost. Some people usually wonder if they will have to pay child support from the income they garner from overtime, and some also ask if it’s possible for them to reduce their overall income to avoid paying a higher amount of support. Calculating the Child Support Amount When we are looking for the answer to the above questions, we can always refer to the Texas Family Code. The Texas Family Code states that the annual gross income must be computed then recomputed to determine the gross income per month. The net income will need to be determined before the child support amount will be determined. Everything from wage or salary will be included in the computation […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Parenting After Your Divorce

Parenting after your divorce can undoubtedly be stressful. There are changes that you’ve never dreamed you’d ever have to deal with but now you are expected to deal with them one by one. Life after divorce without kids is difficult enough but the adjustments you’d have to face when you have kids is even worse. You will have to help the kids cope with the changes while fighting to cope yourself. Your rights, duties, and responsibilities will undergo a massive change. It’s natural for a parent to be somewhat afraid and worried about what life may hold after your divorce. Parenting after your divorce requires a lot of courage, determination, and patience. It will also require you to cooperate with your ex-spouse even when you don’t want to face him or her ever again. Basically, parenting after your divorce requires you to deal with conservatorship, child support, adjusting to the changes in your rights and duties as parents, and dealing with your child’s school. There’s a possibility that your child will have to change schools or deal with the changes while staying at the same school. There’s also a chance that you will have to deal with CPS if you’re […]

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Guideline Child Support in Texas

Most people who are undergoing a divorce worry about the child support guideline. When child custody is an issue, it’s common for parents to wonder how much child support is imposed by the state of Texas on a monthly basis. The The Rights and Duties of Texas Parents vary by case. If you are the parent who stays with the child and provides care regularly, you would surely be concerned about the amount you receive for child support. It’s easy to worry that the amount you will receive will not be enough for the needs of your child. If you are the parent who needs to pay child support, your main concern should be all about how the ordered amount will be too big for you. You must be worried right now that the amount the court will ask you to pay would be difficult to come up with monthly. Must-Know Facts About Modifying Child Support in Texas The State of Texas has a set amount of child support that the parent who doesn’t have the custody of the child needs to pay monthly. This needs to be paid to the parent who has the custody of the child. There will […]