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Parents Who Are Undocumented Immigrants   The most important thing to remember is the CPS (child protective services) does not deport parents or their children. CPS is not an immigration agency of the United States. Children and their families are given the benefits, protection, and care of CPS whether or not they are here legally.   However, if a child who is not a U.S. citizen is brought into CPS custody, and is here illegally (undocumented), then the home country will be notified. This is a legal requirement and does not apply only when the child is a citizen of […]

CPS Parent Resource Guide Part 13: Special Topics Part 3

When filing for a SAPCR suit, knowing where to file it is quite important. It should be filed before the correct court so that the suit will be recognized and heard. Otherwise, the suit might be dismissed. A court must have jurisdiction to hear a case that a party has filed against another. In Texas, jurisdictional requirements must be present before a case is heard. One of the parties of the case must have been a resident in Texas for the past six (6) months and a resident of the county where the case has been filed for a period […]

Effect of Filing a SAPCR Suit in More than One Court in Texas

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The Meitiv family in Montgomery County is being investigated for neglect of their children after allowing their 6 and 10 year old children walk home about a mile from the park to their home. What the parents call free-range parenting and lessons on independence, the Montgomery County Child Protective Services call neglect – in Maryland, state law requires that a child under 8 years old be accompanied or supervised by someone of at least 13 years of age in dwellings, enclosures and vehicles. The parents say that this law does not apply to their children as the children were walking […]

Risks of “Free-Range” Parenting

Child Pornography
There was a situation recently where a man was investigated by DFPS for having “sexually exploitative” images of children on his phone. Except that they were of his own children. For more context, there was at least one picture of his 8 year old naked while on vacation, and all of them were in the confines of normal behavior for children (the one naked image was skinny dipping). The photo clerk saw the pictures, and reported it to DFPS (the correct course of action when there is any doubt, in my opinion), and a shitstorm ensues. As you might imagine, […]

Child Pornography Laws and How they Affect You

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Custody battles can get very bloody sometimes. They are called battles after all. And just like any battle, this kind will really test you and even push you to the limit sometimes. But you have to remember to keep on keeping on as these things go along because you’re not only fighting for your child, you’re also kind of fighting yourself. Going through a custody battle can help you grow and learn more about yourself. Don’t Sell Yourself Short You will have to fight for what you want and deserve in a custody battle. You of all people know how […]

5 Things You Learn from a Custody Battle

Many divorce cases can get contentious, especially with the issue of custody. No two divorces are alike, and despite Texas law trying to issue clear directives for many different scenarios, there are always grey areas that seem to have no definite answer. This is when the wisdom and prudence of the judge is placed at the forefront. How Mental Issues Affect Custody Mental illness has only been placed in general public awareness in recent years, and no two conditions are exactly alike. This makes it very difficult for the judge to determine custody and visitation rights when one of the […]

Mental Issues, Family Violence and Custody