As parents, you do whatever you can to give your children the best lives they could possibly have. This is whether or not you have the means to provide their necessities. However, there are people who feel like their children are burdensome. Some think kids are dead weight to their otherwise fun and single lives. When that happens, the environment in which the child lives may become unsafe for their wellbeing. Sad as that may be, it has become the reality for most children. When the child’s environment is unsafe, it can be harmful to their physical and mental wellbeing. […]

What is an Unsafe Environment for a Child?

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It is normal to be anxious about many things when thinking about getting a Texas divorce. You may have heard of horror stories about getting a divorce from your friends or acquaintances who have been through it. It’s difficult not to feel anxious when there is a possibility that something unpleasant will suddenly pop up before or after the Texas divorce has been finalized. Your spouse’s hidden assets could be one of these things. It will surely be complicated to deal with it especially when you don’t really know anything about it. The Basics of Hiding Assets in a Texas Divorce […]

Dealing with Your Spouse’s Hidden Assets in a Texas Divorce   Recently updated !

The selection of a lawyer to represent you in your divorce case is an important part of the process. This is because the performance of your attorney in representing you is critical in the outcome of your case. Even if you have substantial knowledge in the area of law concerning divorce, a lawyer will still prove advantageous. Building a good relationship builds client-lawyer trust. This would require client-attorney meetings to be able to let the lawyer understand the case better. How COVID-19 Affected In Our Regular Activities There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected a lot of […]

Meeting Your Divorce Attorney Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Interaction after separation from a former spouse can be awkward and might lead to a little tension between the ex-couples. Divorce after marriage is complicated, especially when you have kids together. Most of the time, divorced couples usually still have children at a school age. For the sake of the kids, parents will always do their best to cooperate with each other even if they are not in good terms. Here are some points that can be helpful in co-parenting your kids at school. First, set aside all personal sentiments towards each other. Of course, you had or still have […]

Divorced Parents: Co-Parenting Tips before Kids go to School

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There will lengthy and extensive discussions since there are many details that need to be ironed out during a divorce. If both parties are aggressive and the divorce is not a mutual decision, it can be stressful. The main points of the divorce are usually the first to be settled. Custody, division of property, child support, and alimony are definite points of contention. However, there are some minor details that are worthy of attention. It is worthwhile to know who should be able to claim the tax exemption for the dependents. Tax Exemption Basics The basic principle is that the […]

Determining Dependent Exemptions after Divorce

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If you’ve ever been in a relationship that came to an end, you very well know that the reasons for the break up may not be so obvious. While it’s easy to put the blame on one person, it usually takes two to tango. It’s difficult to notice our own mistakes because it’s deeply ingrained in us, such as our habits.  Here are some of the most common habits that cause emotional distance.  Talking too much Communication is very important, but not everything that comes out of our mouths are meaningful. Sometimes, we say too much. Those unnecessary things we […]

Some Bad Habits that Can Lead to Divorce