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Property Division During Mediation

Mediated Property Agreements

If you have read some of our previous articles regarding property division, you would know that any type of income or property you have gained during your marriage is considered community property in Texas. Not only that, but same goes for the debts you and your spouse incurred during the marriage too. If you want some of the property, assets or debts to be considered separate property, you need to present evidence in court to prove that the presumption of the court is incorrect. This can be done by showing the courts that the property in question is a gift solely for you, or that a certain property is a part of your inheritance. There are a lot of people who are all about fighting in court for property division that is acceptable to them. However, you also have another useful alternative: mediation. Mediation on Community Property and Avoiding a Trial Mediation is an effective and successful tool that you can use to settle community property division and other issues regarding your divorce. If you opt to go for mediation, you can avoid fighting in court – you can just settle everything without a trial with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. This […]

Information on Military Divorces You'd Want to Know The Most

Military Divorces in Texas

Do military divorces differ from normal divorce procedures? Military life can be pretty tough and rigorous. People who enlist in the army are selfless and courageous. Making the decision to serve the country this way is definitely not an easy path to take. These people in the military put the lives of other citizens before their own and they are exposed to dangerous situations on a daily basis. This is nothing short of brave and is definitely admirable. Our soldiers are true heroes who keep on moving frequently all over the country and even across the world. This is a sad thing because it means staying away from their family and loved ones for long periods of time. What’s even sadder is the fact that this can cause a lot of strain in their relationships, especially for those who are married. Military divorces is sadly a common and regular occurrence. If you are married to a serviceman, you would know that his life will keep on changing and the ground which you place your relationship won’t always feel stable. Your marriage will be stressed no matter how healthy your relationship with your spouse is – because of constant moving from […]

How to Avoid Getting Trapped in a Common-Law Marriage

How to Avoid an Accidental Common-Law Marriage

Did you know that it’s possible to be accidentally trapped in a common-law marriage? Surely, a lot of people marry for many reasons. Some marry for love, some for financial security and some even get married just because a baby is on the way. There are a lot of circumstances that could push people into a marriage. Sometimes, people even get married without knowing it, and without the slightest intention of doing so. How can you be married without even knowing that you are? This is where common-law marriage comes into the picture. As it is a marriage that is considered informal, the formalities and traditions are kicked out into the curb in this type of marriage. You can be in a common-law marriage without a proposal, without a ceremony or exchange of vows and even without knowledge of it. It can really come as a shock when your partner suddenly insists that you are married and it turns out that you actually are. What should you do when your girlfriend or boyfriend insists that you are married? It would be fine and even exciting when you’re looking to be married. However, if it’s not your intention, it’s another story. […]

community property division in Texas

Splitting Community Property in Texas

Getting a divorce calls requires splitting community property – this means taking all of the community property you and your spouse own and dividing it up accordingly. Of course, you also each have your separate property which you will have to determine and announce separately in court. It’s the jointly-held property that can get a little complicated during the divorce. Who gets to decide regarding the division of your community property? Making the Decision in Splitting Community Property There are only three people who can make that decision. First, you and your spouse – if you decide to forget your ill feelings towards each other (if you have any), team up and make a rational decision about splitting community property that you own. Second, the judge in the court where you filed for divorce can make a decision in splitting community property instead of you and your spouse. You might be surprised to know that a majority of divorce cases and community property division is often wrapped up with mediation rather than a bawl in the courtroom. Mediation is the process that you and your spouse should strongly consider if you want to settle your community property issues outside of […]