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A divorce in Texas or anywhere else, is definitely life-changing. It could be a major turning point in your life. The result of the divorce might make you feel like you’ve won or lost, but regardless of that, you will have to cope along with your family members. There are many legalities you and your family will have to deal with before you can properly start a new life after your divorce. You will have to discuss these things with your family members too. Changing your Name Even before you started the process of your divorce in Texas, you might […]

Coping Successfully and Facing a New Life after Your Divorce in Texas   Recently updated !

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A divorce is usually caused by one spouse committing adultery. It causes emotional betrayal and a breakage of trust that pushes the other spouse to resort to divorce. It happens. That’s not necessarily a good thing. But it’s also not unique to your case and therefore, has a tried and tested solution: divorce. However, sometimes that’s not enough and you might find yourself asking if you can sue your spouse’s concubine as well.  Alienation of Affection In the State of Texas, the answer is quick and simple – you can’t. It is written in the Texas Family Code Section 1.107. […]

Alienation of Affection: Can I File a Lawsuit against My Spouse’s Lover in Texas?   Recently updated !

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Aside from custody, perhaps the most contentious point in a divorce is the division of property. It is not always applicable to sell the properties and divide the amount.  One of the more sensitive points is a symbol of the marriage itself—the wedding ring. Since it is a symbol of their union and each ex-spouse has one of them, it is a valid question to ask: is there a legal edict on which spouse should get the wedding ring or the engagement ring?  The Engagement or Wedding Ring as Property The state of Texas upholds the principle of community property. […]

Who Owns the Wedding and/or Engagement Rings?

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When you have a spouse serving in the military, there are a number of benefits due the both of you. One of those benefits would be the pension that your spouse gets after serving for a certain number of years. But should you choose to get a divorce, will that affect your supposed part in your spouse’s pension? Military Pension A military pension is a monetary benefit for those who have served in the military for at least 20 years. Think of it as a retirement fund of sorts. The only difference between a regular pension and the military pension […]

Divorcing Military Spouse: Entitled to Pension?

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Marriage is wonderful but also poses a significant risk. Tying the knot is a lifetime deal. It means sharing all your property, the ones you own now, and everything you will acquire henceforth. There seems to be a legal remedy for every possible risk nowadays. For those who want to have a safety net, they can resort to having prenuptial agreements. Reasons for Prenuptial Agreements Prenuptial agreements can cause drama– usually when there is a disparity of social class between the prospective husband and wife. However, when the prenuptial agreement is accepted, for most couples, it was nothing more than an […]

Why Millennials are Making Prenuptial Agreements

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When you are planning your wedding, the last thing on your mind is divorce. Also, the last thing you would want to talk about is money matters.  This is why it used to be very awkward to propose a prenuptial agreement. However, as more couples start to marry at a later age, they already have more individual assets accumulated. Thus, it is now worth the effort to enter a prenup or a premarital agreement. Inclusions in Prenups The key point in a premarital agreement is to protect individual assets from being included in the community property that must be divided […]

Can We Include Tax Returns in Prenup Agreements