Community Property

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If you and your partner has come to an unlikely divorce, division of properties, assets, and other possessions might be something you have to talk about sooner rather than later. Likewise, your communal retirement plans fall under the category of properties that have to be divided between both parties in case of separation or divorce. In light of Texas Law, retirement plans act as an indirect compensation to the spouse, which he or she earned during the course of their marriage. However, it is a case-to-case basis, because there are instances where the retirement plan does not act as shared […]

Different Ways to Divide Your Retirement Plan in Your Divorce

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Going through divorce also affects the family business. This type of family business could be a small or big business, likely having most of the family members as the shareholders or partners, or it could be a practice of profession or a retail store such as a shop or restaurant. What makes dealing with the business while going through divorce is the fact that most of the time, the family business is also the family’s main source of income. In this article, we will briefly discuss the three basic methods of dealing with the business while in the process of […]

What Happens to Our Family Business After Divorce?

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In divorce, a lot of marital issues such as child support and custody, property division and alimony, must need to be resolved before a court issues a divorce decree. Just like any other properties, pension benefits can be divided between the spouses. There are several different factors which determines whether a spouse’s pension can be split and by how much it will be divided. These factors include the time the pension was first acquired and its balance prior to the marriage and after the marriage. Texas as a Community Property State In the United States, there are nine community property […]

What Happens to my Pension After Divorce?

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In the course of courtship and marriage, there will be many promises made. Both parties are not thinking about the possibility of divorce when they are in love. Since they are in a blissful state, they would often give gifts without condition. If a husband buys a car before their marriage, with the intention to use it as their family car, can he take it back when they are divorced?  Separate Property While the state of Texas upholds community property, it also acknowledges separate property obtained before the marriage, and after the separation. Inheritance and gifts from a third party […]

Can I Promise Things Before Marriage and Take Them Back if We Divorce?

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Everyone seems to have their own set of preconceived notions on how the divorce process is going to go, some based in reality, others mostly in fantasy. Ultimately, I suppose it is in my best interest, as if everyone had the same ideas about how property would be divided, I would be out of a job. That said, I still will go over some common misconceptions with you all as I think it helps the process along the better educated people are. First of which is that a judge is obligated to divide things perfectly down the middle. This may […]

Divorce in Texas: “Just and Right” Property Division

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    Family law cases can be daunting especially if it’s your face time to face it and you are not armed with enough information. You will surely have a ton of questions to ask. One of these questions will be how much hiring a family law attorney will cost you. Financial worries always try to make its way any legal case, and it’s mostly unavoidable in family law cases. In this article, we will provide you with an idea on how you will be billed by the family law attorney that you will hire to help you with the […]

What to Expect for Attorney Billing