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Getting through a break up can be tough. Residual feelings can make it especially hard for you to move on as your mind may still be stuck in the memories of your relationship. And though reminiscing is good, it’ll only do you more harm than good if you’re doing it fresh from a breakup. After all, some people find it virtually impossible to move on. It is a big step. But even if it is, that step must be taken nonetheless because things won’t get better if you do. And if you’re wondering what you can do to help with that first step, here it is: cut them out of your life. If you want to know when you should, read on. When You Just Broke Up This might be a little obvious, but it actually isn’t for some people. If you’re thinking of running back to your ex after breaking up with them, don’t. You’re most likely not in a really good place if you’re going to go and talk to them right after you two have broken up. Chances are your ex might be in the same situation. Talking to them right after won’t really help anything. In fact, it’ll just make it harder for both of you to move on. Just don’t. When You’re Still Not Okay This is also a little obvious, but it still needs to be said. If you’re not okay, don’t go running back to your ex either. Even if it’s been months, you shouldn’t open up any lines of communication. If you do, that’ll only give you more things about to think about regarding your ex. You don’t need any of that right now, especially since you’re not okay. Talking to them might just take you back to square one because it […]

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When a married couple has a child, even without properly establishing paternity, people will automatically assume that the husband is the father. In order for that thought to be legally changed at court, ample evidence is necessary. It’s different when an unmarried couple has a child, it is often necessary for one parent to establish the identity of the father of the child. This is very important because this is the fact that the child will have to grow up with. This also matters because the child will need support from the father, such as financial support. Usually, despite being unmarried, the father would assume that his rights to the child are guaranteed even at the face of separation from the child’s mother. Acknowledging Paternity Usually, the acknowledgment of paternity is done at the hospital, after the child’s birth. There is an Acknowledgement of Paternity document that both parents can sign before it is submitted to the government office. When the father signs the documents, all doubts about paternity is put to rest, and the father’s name is added to the birth certificate, usually. If the couple is not married, the father is informed of the rights and duties of a father before he signs the Acknowledgement of Paternity. Once he signs the document, only then can his name be added to the child’s birth certificate. The acknowledgment document is then submitted to the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Once they accept this document, the father’s name can be officially added to the birth certificate. Other Ways of Establishing Paternity Another way to establish paternity is through the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney general. This happens when the mother doesn’t really know who the father of the child is, or if either of the two refuses to sign the […]

How to Establish Paternity in Texas

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Working through a marriage takes a lot of work. You’ll need to learn how to live together with someone, work out your differences and problems, and learn how to support each other among other things. Part of the several things you’ll need to work together on would be your finances. Since you’re now living together, you’ll have to both learn how to spend within your means and make sure you have enough to keep on living decently. But what happens if your spouse just keeps incurring debt? What should you do? Well, keep reading and maybe you can figure something out. Talk to Your Spouse Before anything else, the first thing you should consider doing is talking to your spouse about their debt. Let them know what’s on your mind and why it’s starting to concern you. After all, you two are living together and you two should be working things out. Maybe there’s a way to solve this debt problem of his and make things better. If there seems to be a way that you two can work this problem out, then great! But if it seems like there isn’t any other way, maybe you can consider further action on it. Either way, it would be best to at least bring it up so you can tell your spouse how you feel. Seek Legal Help If things are beginning to get difficult between you and your spouse and you think you can’t really take it anymore or it’s just too far along to get fixed, you can consider getting a divorce. Go seek help from a lawyer. Find out what steps you can take to help get you out of the situation you are in. Even though you are married, if your spouse’s debt just keeps on getting bigger […]

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If you will simply base it on the movies, TV shows and books, you might think that adultery is as grave a crime as murder. This is probably the reason why many people have the notion that adultery is a crime, and if your spouse will cheat on you, you can send him to jail.  What is the real score as far Texas Law is concerned? Adultery In Texas In the simplest terms, adultery is not a crime in Texas. If your spouse cheats on you, you cannot send him to jail simply on the grounds of adultery. Your spouse will also not get a criminal record or even pay a fine because he cheated on you.  It does not mean that adultery will have no consequences under the law in Texas. There are provisions in the state’s legal code that aims to punish adulterous behavior. One of the most common consequences is that adultery or infidelity is a “fault” in a “fault-based” divorce. In this case, you can file for divorce whether your spouse is agreeable or not. In a fault-based divorce, you can prove the fault, and that would be enough grounds for the judge to grant the divorce in your favor.  Not all divorces are treated the same. In a fault-based divorce based on adultery, the judgment can be affected. For child custody, the judge may consider adultery in the decision although it is not necessarily a rule. While there should be no direct provision of how adultery affects custody, it could be considered that the affair may have compromised the welfare of the children.  It may also be a factor in property distribution. Judges may decide from the perspective that a marriage that would have worked well was destroyed by the infidelity. In that case, they […]

Can I file a Criminal Action Against an Adulterous Spouse in Texas?

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Picture this. You just bought a new car. You’ve been saving up for this for the past year or two and you finally bought it. But then after a few months, you come home to find out that your car’s gone. Apparently, your spouse decided it was a good idea to sell it. What do you do now? Well, if you find yourself in this situation or just want to know if this is allowed to happen, keep reading. What Do You Own? Before we get to the specifics of whether or not what you own can be sold without your consent or not, it would be good to work out what you own and what you and your spouse own. All the things you owned before getting married to your spouse are, of course, still owned by you. Anything purchased that comes with a title and is under your name is your property. Things that are given to you, whether as a gift or inherited, are also still your property. The same applies to your spouse. Where things get a little more complicated are the things that are community property. Community property is the property that is owned by both you and your spouse. Things that fall under community property would be any property that would be under both your names in a title, whatever it is you and your spouse earn during your marriage, and also whatever is bought with the money you both earn while married. What Can I Sell Then? Most states in the United States are community property states. Texas included. In community property states, anything you co-own with our spouse would need both your permission before it is sold. So, anything you both own cannot be sold without the consent of the other. That […]

Can My Spouse Sell Our Common Property Without My Consent?

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The state of Texas has laws that seek to protect the welfare of children. However, the parents of the children need to be responsible for their affairs in order to keep everything in order. For parents who did not get married, then there are provisions in the law that they need to observe. Common-Law Marriage Texas recognizes common-law marriages. These are marriages without formalities like the marriage license or a ceremony. The State has certain requirements before recognizing a couple as married. Firstly, they should agree that they are married. Second, they should live together as husband and wife. Finally, they should declare themselves to the general public as a married couple. This means they should introduce themselves as married to each other and also engage in legal affairs like a married couple, like jointly applying for credit.  They are considered married once the requirements are established. It is understood that only adults above the age of eighteen can marry under these terms. Children in a Common Law Marriage It should be clarified that these are the conditions for a common-law marriage. Having children is not necessarily a prerequisite, nor can it be a substitute. Just because a couple has a child together, that does not make them a married couple. They still need to fulfill those conditions.  The children in a common-law marriage will have the same status as those of a married couple. Thus, they are legitimate children with complete rights to inheritance and under the same legal protections as children of regular marriages. The same is true when a common-law couple divorces. There will be a distribution of property, with recognition of community or conjugal property. There will be entitlements to child support and a right to petition for alimony.  State Recognition It should also be noted […]

Status of Children of a Common Law Marriage in Texas

Polygamy is the state of having simultaneous marriages. It means you have more than one spouse. Some religious affiliations practice polygamy. A typical polygamous marriage would consist of one man and several women as his spouses. Though some countries may be lax or may permit polygamous marriages, the United States treats these marriages differently. Polygamy and the United States If your religion practices polygamy, you might want to reconsider going about a polygamous marriage in the US. To this day, the US views all polygamous relationships, or marriages, as illegal. Regardless of your reasons for practicing polygamy, the United States chooses to consider these kinds of marriages as illegal. There may be several reasons why the US considers polygamous marriages illegal. Most of which are moral dilemmas that the government sees in a polygamous relationship.  They also go after polygamy because there are other crimes involved in those types of marriages. Some of the crimes that take place in a polygamous marriage would include statutory rape, child abuse, and incest. These are what states go after when going after a polygamous marriage. What About Texas? All states in the United States consider polygamy to be illegal. Texas is, of course, included. What does that mean for those people in Texas who are polygamous? You can get arrested if you are found to be practicing polygamy. Even for religious reasons. Texas has had a history of going after polygamous marriages. This is especially for those taking place in religious sects. To this day, Texas still enforces those laws. There really isn’t much you can do to avoid getting in trouble. If you’re currently practicing it in the United States, it is best to consult a lawyer. As much as it seems like a violation of your religious freedom, the country still […]

Polygamous Marriages in Texas

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Marriage is not just a union, but it is already a partnership. That means there is an obligation for each spouse not only to inform but to consult his partner with regards to his decisions.  However, this remains to be an ideal situation. In reality, there are many marital problems that arise from a lack of communication between the two parties, whether they were intentional or simply due to plain neglect. When a couple has a major disagreement, it could extend into a legal matter. It could even lead to divorce.  Careers on the Line When you get married you have to agree and compromise on certain things. It would be best if you have a plan for your family, if and when you will decide to start one.  It is no longer a tradition that when a couple marries, they should have kids right away. You may choose to put it off when you are ready, not just financially, but also emotionally and physically. You should probably be on the same page as your spouse on whether which one will pursue his/her own career, or if both of you will work at the same time.  It should be noted that there is no legal provision that requires you to get consent from your spouse. The responsibilities require you to divulge your information and share your finances. It also requires you to inform your spouse of any financial decision.  Spousal consent is required for any revision of financial claims and beneficiaries, loan agreements and mortgages. Basically, any financial transaction that concerns the family finances should be approved by the other spouse.  However, there is no specific legal recourse to prevent your spouse from letting you work. Settling the Dispute If you look at the rights and responsibilities of married people, […]

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