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Relationships are tough. There’s just so much work that you both have to put into it to make it work. And just like the things you love, you put a part of yourself in the work you do and get invested in what you’re working on. And also, the person you’re working a relationship out with, in this case. That’s why sometimes breaking up with that person you’ve gotten so invested in and worked through so much together with can be hard. Though some people might be able to have the emotional capacity to go through it gracefully, some people […]

How to Break Up with Someone Without Looking (Or Going) Crazy   Recently updated !

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They say you get to know your partner more when you start living together under the same roof. Learn how to work with your partner to pay for bills and more importantly, do chores. A “traditional” marriage is letting the woman stay at home and do all the dirty work. This is obviously unfair treatment, especially when the husband isn’t doing anything to help. This might cause problems in the long run. Now, it’s different and more progressive: Couples work as a team to make their marriage work and last a long, long time. So, how do you split the […]

How to Divide Chores at Home for a Lasting Marriage

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Emotional maturity is needed to maintain the minimum level of civility and respect for co-parenting. Going through something as difficult as divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster ride. A lot of good and bad things will be rehashed during the divorce that can cause immaturity of both parties. The parties should keep in mind that they are two consenting and mature adults when they married. It should follow that they be the same two consenting and mature adults in the divorce proceedings.  Emotional maturity varies from person to person. Each and every one of us has a different perspective of […]

How to Deal With the Emotional Components of Divorce

It is completely normal for unmarried couples to want to purchase a house together. Many people in committed relationships buy their dream homes even if a wedding is not in the works. However, it is important to lay the groundwork and plan for this enormous responsibility you are about to take on. Buying a property is risky as it is so if you are planning to get one with your partner, here are things you need to know. Get Legal Assistance When acquiring a home, it is always a good idea to create a game plan under the supervision of […]

Unwed Couples: Should You Buy a House before Marrying?

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Let me just share to you an open letter of a friend (who wants to remain anonymous) to his ex-spouse. Dear ex-spouse, I know we’ve had our differences, but I’m proud of us for getting through this. They say nothing lasts forever, and I agree, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t be on good terms out of respect, especially considering our children. I want you to imagine the first time we met. How strangers became friends, then lovers, husband and wife, parents, before eventually, ex-spouses. What we went through was rough, it had all kinds of bumps on the […]

To My Ex-Spouse, With Love

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Life may not turn out how we want it to be. It’s not even covered with the glitters, sparkles, and unicorn riding in rainbows. Frequently, it is brutal and unforgiving. The same goes for marriage. It can start from the most romantic story from a well-written fictional book, but it may end with two broken hearts, two broken persons and God forbid, children that will forever be affected with the life-altering decision to split. But, if the latter took place and you are now on your separate ways, living life without the pain of yesterday, how can you possibly even […]

How to Communicate With Your Ex During the Divorce