They say you get to know your partner more when you start living together under the same roof. Learn how to work with your partner to pay for bills and more importantly, do chores. A “traditional” marriage is letting the woman stay at home and do all the dirty work. This is obviously unfair treatment, especially when the husband isn’t doing anything to help. This might cause problems in the long run. Now, it’s different and more progressive: Couples work as a team to make their marriage work and last a long, long time. So, how do you split the housework between you and your spouse?  The first thing you need to do is sit down and discuss what needs to be done daily and weekly. Wash the dishes, do the laundry, take out the trash—all that stuff. Once you list all that down, ask each other which tasks are plausible to do considering your respective schedules.  One effective pattern you can follow is alternating tasks each day. Example: The wife can wash the dishes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; husband does the same on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. You can also dedicate one day—we suggest Sunday—to do chores together. Do the laundry and vacuum the whole house every week. Go out and spend quality time after. What if one of you can’t do their assigned chores for a certain day? Just ask your spouse nicely to switch days with you. Make sure you don’t go back on your promise and you don’t skip chores all the time. You should always have a good reason for not doing your part. Another important thing to remember is help is always appreciated. If you’re having problems, ask help. If you see that your spouse is struggling, offer a hand. Splitting the housework may […]

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Let me just share to you an open letter of a friend (who wants to remain anonymous) to his ex-spouse. Dear ex-spouse, I know we’ve had our differences, but I’m proud of us for getting through this. They say nothing lasts forever, and I agree, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t be on good terms out of respect, especially considering our children. I want you to imagine the first time we met. How strangers became friends, then lovers, husband and wife, parents, before eventually, ex-spouses. What we went through was rough, it had all kinds of bumps on the road. There was a time I thought I wouldn’t get through it, but I did. We did.  Now imagine that first time with someone new. I’m not cuffing your wings anymore. Fly as freely as you want to find yourself, rekindle your passions, or foster new relationships. I know I would. We both have our whole lives ahead of us. This divorce is a minor setback, but don’t ever let it define you or your life. We had our challenges, but I would never exchange our experiences for another because that made me who I am today. It may have been too much to handle at one point, but we powered through. There just came a time when we couldn’t, and that’s okay. As humans, I think that we are strongest when we accept our weaknesses. I think this because I know it’s not easy. We will try to bounce back from anything that might push us down, but sometimes, we just can’t. And I want you to know that that’s perfectly fine. I want to thank you for the years you spent with me. We had our moments filled with love and passion and smiles, but there were also […]

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drug addiction
Drug addiction in any way is not beneficial to anybody. It is even more detrimental when more people become affected by just one person’s drug addiction. One of the many examples of being affected by drug addiction is in the family. When Drug Addiction or Substance Abuse is in the picture, it is very dangerous for a family to easily be broken physically, emotionally and spiritually. Substance Abuse is very dangerous and can have a lot of negative impacts on the lives of the spouses and the children. This may lead to a very complicated life, and may lead for the children to take after their abusive mother or father. These kinds of cases should not be taken lightly as there are other factors that need to be considered in order to avoid further damage to other lives. Deprivation of Custody In the state of Texas, the Family Code states that the one important part of the family that must be protected at all times are the children and their rights as citizens of the United States. The Family Code values the children and in the eyes of the law, the children must always be under the protection of those who are fit enough to provide for them and their basic needs. A custody issue can arise from a Drug Addiction problem. The Judge will have to decide on the basis of the best interest of the child taking into consideration the needs of the child and the means and capability of the parents to provide for those needs. This will include the provision of food, shelter, clothing and the safest environment for them to live in. In this sense, the judge has the power to take away custody from one parent and award it to the other parent or […]

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The primary law governing donations or gift-giving between spouses is Section 3.005 of the Texas Family Code. It states that the property given by the spouse to the other is presumed to be given as a gift. It includes all the income and property that may result from this property. The Texas marital property law follows the community property system. Community vs Separate Property Community property is the property owned by both husband and wife. This, of course, excludes those considered as their own separate property. Separate property is owned by either spouse prior to the marriage. However, property acquired during the marriage may still be considered separate property. That is if the acquisition was by will, gift, inheritance, or purchased with their own separate funds. Separate property may also be agreed upon by the spouses through a written agreement exchanging or partitioning community property. Clear and convincing evidence is needed in order to prove that a property is actually a separate one. In cases where the classification of the assets is required, the inception of title rule applies. The determination of the character of a property can be determined at the time of the asset was acquired. The manner of how title is held is irrelevant in Texas when it comes to the determination of ownership. The inception of title rule considers the acquisition’s time and circumstance– not the name on the title of the property. Below are some examples: Situation 1 Ana owns a house prior to the marriage, so it is Ana’s separate property. Ana names the house to her husband, Bert, under the deed. Here, the deed is presumed as a gift to Bert and the house is believed to be Bert’s separate property. Situation 2 Ana owns a house prior to the marriage, so it […]

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Divorce can be a very painful and expensive process for everyone involved, and often the best solutions come before the time that people are looking for divorce lawyers, and in fact, often before the marriage itself. Everyone knows the statistics in regards to divorce, but always seem to think that it is something that only happens to other people, not themselves. The reality is that divorce is much more pervasive than people expect, and it is important to lay the proper foundation in your relationship to make sure that divorce is never on the table. Before you and your partner say “I do,” the State of Texas encourages couples to attend a free premarital education course. One of the benefits of attending a premarital education course is that the 72-hour waiting period that is typically mandatory between the marriage ceremony and the actually issuing of the marriage license is waived.  Additionally, couples who take the premarital counseling course receive the additional benefit of having a portion of their the marriage license fee waived.  Communication skills, conflict management, and the key components of a successful marriage are all common topics facing new couples, and not so coincidentally are also common topics for couples facing a looming divorce. Such key topics are covered in detail through the course and can be vital tools in preventing a marriage from going down the path of divorce. Part of my job description as an attorney also includes the role of “counselor”, and that is one that I take seriously. Unfortunately, by the time I am involved in someone’s life, they are usually past the point of no return in regards to divorce, and there are limited options at that point. However, I encourage everyone who is considering marriage to not make that decision rashly, and […]

Divorce Prevention: Premarital Education Course

For those who are married, the perfect world would be to not get divorced.  And should you have to get divorced, that it would be a quick, easy, and pain-free process.  The reality of that is not true.  District Court Judge John Roach and Attorney Laura Roach (husband and wife team) have seen too many people get hurt through divorces, especially ones that go to court. As a solution, the two have taken on a personal mission to make the process easier for couples who are going through a divorce.  They want divorce to become an amicable process and to save marriages where they can be brought back to life. The husband and wife duo believe that the key to a good divorce is through mediation.  John uses his experience in the 296th Judicial District Court while Laura uses her time as a partner at the firm Albin Roach PLLC to work people through the process of mediation. Years have gone by and divorce cases always felt the same to the couple.  The clients would go to court and they would be fearing the worst.  Heartbreak, despair, and the fear of losing your life’s progress all weigh on a client.  This weight can make them break down. One of the key parts of mediation is that it relies heavily on communication.  One of the hardest parts in a relationship is fair and honest communication.  As such, some couples learn through proper mediation that all they needed in their relationship was good communication.  Unfortunately, those people are only a small portion of the population. However, for those that don’t find the key to their relationship through mediation will still find something in the process.  Mediation is far less daunting than going to court.  It is also a far easier process.  Both […]

Mediation: An Ease to The Destructive Nature of Divorce

snooping around
While most think that being married means being one with your spouse, it doesn’t mean that you shed your individuality. Yes, you will share many things with your spouse, but no, you do not become one. Each of you has rights and you can even invoke this against the other. Setting boundaries is not meant to put a wall between you and your spouse, it is a healthy mechanism to preserve your individual rights – and sanity! Trust and respect are the foundations of a good and lasting marital relationship. If you trust your spouse, you should respect his or her rights. And even if you don’t want to, you still have to. After all, it’s what the law mandates. The Texas Constitution recognizes and protects personal privacy from intrusion that is unreasonable. Texas protects individuals against numerous forms of invasion of privacy. This includes public disclosure of private facts, among others. You cannot invade the privacy of your spouse A person cannot intentionally intrude upon another’s seclusion, solitude, or private affairs through physically invading their property or by eavesdropping on a private conversation via microphones, wiretaps, or spying – even when married to each other. Also, snooping around is a big no-no. Snooping around between spouses has been increasing as the technology for modern surveillance becomes more accessible and affordable. Marriage does not remove an individual’s right to privacy A case in Texas ruled by the state’s Court of Appeals stated that there is nothing in Texas law that suggests that the right of privacy is only applicable to people who are unmarried. The actions of a spouse in recording the other spouse who the former believes is in complete privacy, could be considered as an invasion of privacy. This violation is considered a tort that could entitle the […]

Right to Privacy Between Spouses

soldier parents
If you are an army veteran and a parent, chances are, you have been going through some rough patches with combat stress and possibly, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s pretty normal to be having a hard time adjusting after you’ve served, but don’t stress too much over the fact that it may affect how you raise your children. It will only cause you more stress. You just need a little help, and maybe this just might be what you need. It’s a Change for Everyone After serving in the military, coming home to your family may result in a pretty huge change in the environment- not only for you but also for them. Your children might have already grown and got used to the fact that you are not around. Don’t worry, all they need is some time to get used to you being there now. Don’t rush into it, especially if you see that they are more comfortable with sharing their experiences to and seeking help from the at-home parent. You will all fall into a pattern after some time. They will also be needing some time to adjust to your behavior. Traumatic experiences in the army have changed you. You may not be treated like how they used to treat you before you left. There will be differences not only with them but also with you. Give them time to adjust to you as you adjust to them. Understand Each Other And this isn’t only for your children, but also for your partner as well. Having you back in the picture will be new to your partner who has been used to holding the fortress down, alone, while you were gone. Imagine how hard it was for your spouse as well, having to raise the children alone. Of […]

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