Common Law Marriage

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Alimony is enforced after specific conditions in the Texas Family Code are satisfied. Courts in Texas ask for one spouse to offer support to the other spouse financially after their divorce. The recipient-spouse must first be qualified for the alimony.  One situation is upon the death of the recipient spouse and another is the remarrying of the recipient spouse. Spousal support can also terminated if the recipient-spouse cohabits with another. What is Cohabitation? When two people intimately involved are living together on a regular basis, they cohabit. This implies that the cohabitation rule is susceptible to many interpretations which can […]

Support When Cohabiting in Texas

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The state of Texas has laws that seek to protect the welfare of children. However, the parents of the children need to be responsible for their affairs in order to keep everything in order. For parents who did not get married, then there are provisions in the law that they need to observe. Common-Law Marriage Texas recognizes common-law marriages. These are marriages without formalities like the marriage license or a ceremony. The State has certain requirements before recognizing a couple as married. Firstly, they should agree that they are married. Second, they should live together as husband and wife. Finally, […]

Status of Children of a Common Law Marriage in Texas

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In 2015, the US Supreme Court declared same-sex marriages as legal in every US State. So, yes, you can get married with someone of the same sex. You can start a family and you are also entitled to divorce should it not work out. How to get married in Texas? First, you have to secure a marriage license from the county clerk’s office. You will be asked to complete a sworn application showing that you and your partner have the legal capacity to marry. If one or both of you are under 18 years of age, parental consent or court […]

Same-sex Marriage in Texas

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Before, the usual story was for a man to marry a woman if they intend to stay together. However, there are instances where the couple is unable to marry, or simply choose not to legalize their relationship. Defining Concubinage Concubinage is when a man and woman live together as husband and wife without being married. Concubinage is based on the word concubine, which refers to the woman in the relationship. In ancient societies, the concubine is a secondary wife. In other words, a man has a wife, but he can also have a concubine. Today, a concubine is referred to […]

Is Concubinage Legal In Texas?