life after divorce
Divorce is not an easy pill to swallow. It marks the end of a marriage, something most people have wanted for their entire lives. For anyone who believed in marriage and have made the effort to make the union work, this is a full-blown tragedy.  Considering these factors, there are some important reminders before you can truly move on with life after divorce. You can have a fulfilling life, but there are steps you need to take. Allow Time to Grieve  As mentioned, divorce is a tragic development for those who gave the effort. This is almost like a death […]

Life After Divorce

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The decision A divorce isn’t a process that a lot of people know much about before they begin and there tend to be a lot of questions.  The first step of a divorce is to file for divorce, or rather to petition the court for a divorce.  I will go into that briefly before answering one of the biggest questions, where do I file for divorce?  You  can  find more information about it elsewhere  on our blog as well. Filing For Divorce Filing for divorce is the process during which you submit paperwork to the court stating that you are […]

Where do You File for Divorce and What to Do after Filing

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Life is unpredictable. Things can happen and make things more complicated. One of those unexpected things would be your spouse passing away in the middle of your divorce proceedings. As much as no one wants this to happen and as much as this might sound a little far-fetched, it’s not impossible. In case you’re afraid this might happen, continue reading on to find out what happens to your divorce in the event of your spouse’s untimely death. The Divorce Proceedings Of course, the first thing that might come into mind would be what happens to your divorce proceedings. In the […]

Death of a Spouse While Divorce is Pending

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The kids are, very much often, the top priority of the family. In times of family trials, like divorce, the most difficult part is dealing with the children. A lot of emotional stress will be involved, which may lead to a problematic child. They can get rebellious and angry. They may come to a point where they blame themselves. Below are some tips on how to handle your children during this difficult time. Be honest but gentle  The first step to solve a problem is to state the facts involving the issue. Whether your child is an adolescent or eight […]

How to Explain Your Divorce to Your Kids

Before your attorney can answer any of your conservatorship questions, you will first need to provide information about you, your marriage and your family. First, there’s the basics. This includes your name, address and basically every significant information about you. You will also need to provide names, ages and other information about your children and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. The reason why you need to provide these to your attorney is simple: without this vital information, your attorney and the staff of the law firm won’t be able to prepare anything for your case. Or they could prepare for your case, […]

Does a DUI Affect Custody?

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Void marriage in Texas is one of the topics we get asked about pretty often. If you have questions about void marriage in Texas, you can check out the ones we listed below for more information. We hope that this will help you have a better understanding of how and when a marriage is considered void in the state of Texas. Of course, there could be different circumstances surrounding your case which could have a huge impact on your case. Keep in mind that the questions and answers we included on this page are general ones, and you should talk […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Void Marriages in Texas