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 Fighting for Child Support in Texas Family Law Courts  

 Fighting for Child Support in Texas Family Law Courts  

  Issues in Child support in Texas Family Law Courts are often raised when a married couple starts seeking a divorce. If you happen to be the person who will have to pay child support, you are probably thinking that the amount you will have to pay is too much. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t want to support your child, or that you don’t love your child. Oftentimes, it’s just that you don’t want to pay money that will go directly to your ex’s hands. Many people have mixed emotions while fighting for child support in Texas Family Law courts because of this reason.   There’s always another side to every story. If you happen to be the parent who will be at the receiving end after the fight for child support in Texas Family law courts, you will probably think that the guidelines are not exactly helping in providing your child enough child support from your ex. You already lost an entire income thanks to your divorce, and the child support amount set by the guidelines is too little to support everything your child needs.   Regardless of which side you belong to in your fight for […]

Steps to Take When Your Spouse Cheats in Texas

What to Do When Your Spouse Cheats in Texas

  When your spouse cheats, you could feel overwhelmed by so many negative emotions that you might not know what to do. Cheating does not automatically mean a divorce, but it can definitely lead to it. Cheating is a personal matter that is right on top of the most challenging aspects of a family law case. In most family law cases, you will have to be engaged financially and logistically, as well as emotionally. When your spouse cheats, a family case that sprouts from his or her cheating behavior would be extra emotional, which would make the case challenging and at times, awkward. Why is a Family Law Case Delicate When Your Spouse Cheats? A family case, in general, affects many areas of your life, not just one aspect. This is why the impact is so huge and you, along with your lawyer should approach the case with caution. Your children will be affected, your spouse, your finances, your home, your businesses and even your relationships. There will be significant areas in your life that will be impacted by a family law case, especially when it’s a divorce. The impact can be huge especially when your spouse cheats. When your […]

Negotiating Your Divorce Settlement While Thinking About Taxes

What are the Tax Ramifications of Your Divorce?

Sooner or later in your divorce, you will have to consider negotiating a divorce settlement. When you do, you might find it helpful to make your negotiations with taxes in mind. When you are in the middle of an intense negotiation session regarding your divorce settlement, you might find yourself just wanting it all to be over. This kind of thought could be dangerous, especially when it’s strong enough for you to act on it. Agreeing to just anything for your divorce settlement just because you want it over as soon as possible could be something you’d regret for the rest of your life.   Of course having such thoughts, being under such stresses is understandable. However, when it comes to your divorce settlement negotiations, you have to be as serious as possible. You also have to tread carefully in this specific aspect of your divorce. One of the most important considerations you must have during your divorce settlement negotiations is about the changes in your taxes after your divorce. If you already have tax issues that are bothering you, you definitely should bring it up to the family law attorney who is assisting you.     Relevant Tax Issues […]

How to File a Reimbursement Claim During a Texas Divorce

How to File a Reimbursement Claim During a Texas Divorce

  Having questions about whether you can file a reimbursement claim is pretty normal, considering that you are still figuring out stuff about the division of property during the divorce. A huge part of a Texas divorce involves determining which property is owned by whom, which property is separate property and which ones are community property that must be split. This will all be new to you, so you will surely have a lot of questions. Before we discuss anything about filing a reimbursement claim, we need to fully understand the concept of separate and community property. Categorizing Your Properties Basically, when it comes to a divorce, there are three categories where each of your properties will fall into. You are probably aware that Texas is a ‘community property state’. That’s the first category your properties could fall into. Property that you and your spouse acquired during the length of your marriage will fall into this category. Inheritance and other similar types of properties are exemptions though. The separate estates that you have will fall into the separate property category. These are the accounts or actual property that already belonged to you before you got married. What if you contributed […]