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emotional blackmail
While the title says, “him”, this doesn’t mean that women do not threaten suicide as well. This is for anyone who’s been blackmailed with suicide. But for discussion purposes, let’s assume that the husband blackmailing his wife that he will commit suicide. When people speak of abuse, the first idea is about physical abuse. Scars or bruises are the telltale signs that there is a case of abuse between the married couple. In the absence of these signs, the common reaction is that any claim of abuse is merely exaggerated.  However, there are many manifestations of an abusive spouse, and it is not limited to the physical. There is also psychological, emotional, sexual or financial abuse, and it can be evidenced in many forms.  Coercion and blackmail are the more obvious forms of abuse. When one spouse is forced to do something against his or her own volition, it qualifies as abuse.   Emotional Blackmail When a husband uses emotional connections to force his wife to do his bidding, it’s emotional blackmail. These days, most wives are aware of the proper reaction when their husband makes threats of physical harm. But what if the husband threatens to harm himself instead? The husband has the tables turned, and somehow makes the wife responsible for his well-being. This is a clear form of manipulation. It may seem like the wife is trapped in a hole. It’s like she is left with no choice. The husband can use this repeatedly and make the wife a virtual prisoner.  How to React The key to avoiding the trap is to take the threat seriously, but not to show signs of panic. The threat is definitely a cry of desperation. It is encouraged that the wife gives the husband some form of reassurance. However, she must […]

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emotional abuse
One of the leading reasons for divorce is abuse. The trickiest to prove is emotional abuse—for obvious reasons. You and your lawyer have to present evidence to prove your spouse broke your esteem, and have manipulated you during your marriage. The worst part is when your future ex-spouse still emotionally abuses you during and after a divorce. What are the most common actions you should watch out for? Here are some examples: Telling you it’s all your fault Divorces can be emotionally and mentally jarring for both parties. However, there are times your ex-spouse might place the blame on you. The usual dialog is: “If you weren’t like this, this wouldn’t have happened to our family.”  Threatening to take away the kids If your ex-spouse is angry at you, they may threaten to remove your custody with your kids even if you didn’t do anything wrong. This is a way to make you vulnerable and submissive, making it easier for your ex to manipulate your decisions. Especially if there are important agreements regarding your divorce. Controlling your needs There are exes who might make you feel like you need to depend on them, even after your divorce. These people usually control the resources you have, like money and property, so even if you have split up, your ex will feel like they have power over you. What do you do to fix this problem? The best course of action is to get a lawyer to help you with your ex-spouse’s abusive behavior. This is also the best time for you to decide what kind of deals you two have to agree with before finalizing your divorce papers. Here, you get to declare if they’re abusive during your marriage, and if it continued during the divorce process. This is so you […]

Emotional Abuse in a Divorce

domestic violence
Marriage is the epitome of the greatest commitment of one to another. How can it be expected from the person you love? Violence in marriage often results in divorce or separation. One of the primary reasons for the separation of married couples is abuse. Domestic violence has been, and is still, a growing problem within the basic unit of society— the family. It is sad to think about how a happy couple ends up destroying each other. That is if they are not subject to violence themselves. A Home Wrecker An abuser is like a termite that gradually damages the foundation of a home. The relationship between the husband and wife is tarnished. Love, understanding, and care become less a priority. The children are hurt and are at the risk of developing a rebellious attitude. Some experiences may even lead to trauma. Abuse is Gradual Big things, they say, came from small steps. An abusive partner may not have shown signs of violence in the first few years. Gestures or mannerisms associating to violence may be seen in short episodes. In this case, it’s easy to shrug it off. It doesn’t make you unobservant; it is really hard for people to accept that the love of their life would actually hurt them. Going through the Grueling Process of Divorce Ending something will always be painful, more so in experiencing the end of a marriage. One may think that divorce will make everything less damaging. Often, however, this kind of divorce is a play of manipulation and power over the victim by the abuser. The abuser may use this to get child custody. With all of this, one who wants to win the battle against a powerful foe must be prepared and firm. Don’t be afraid to call a friend Thousands […]

Domestic Violence Leading to Divorce

drug addiction
Drug addiction in any way is not beneficial to anybody. It is even more detrimental when more people become affected by just one person’s drug addiction. One of the many examples of being affected by drug addiction is in the family. When Drug Addiction or Substance Abuse is in the picture, it is very dangerous for a family to easily be broken physically, emotionally and spiritually. Substance Abuse is very dangerous and can have a lot of negative impacts on the lives of the spouses and the children. This may lead to a very complicated life, and may lead for the children to take after their abusive mother or father. These kinds of cases should not be taken lightly as there are other factors that need to be considered in order to avoid further damage to other lives. Deprivation of Custody In the state of Texas, the Family Code states that the one important part of the family that must be protected at all times are the children and their rights as citizens of the United States. The Family Code values the children and in the eyes of the law, the children must always be under the protection of those who are fit enough to provide for them and their basic needs. A custody issue can arise from a Drug Addiction problem. The Judge will have to decide on the basis of the best interest of the child taking into consideration the needs of the child and the means and capability of the parents to provide for those needs. This will include the provision of food, shelter, clothing and the safest environment for them to live in. In this sense, the judge has the power to take away custody from one parent and award it to the other parent or […]

My Spouse has a Drug Addiction, What Now?

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Divorce is often a tragedy that a family has to cope with. It presents a challenge for all the parties involved. However, there are situations where the degree of difficulty is drastically increased. One such situation is if your ex-spouse is an addict. When the ex-spouse is addicted to something, the divorce may be seen as a relief. However, if there are kids involved, one has no choice but to share parenting responsibilities with the ex-spouse. This situation can present some complications, some of which are enumerated below. The Addicted Parent has Trouble with Committing to Schedules By its definition, an addict has become dependent and is unable to function normally without the fixation. As a co-parent, addicts often fail to keep a commitment even if it were mutually agreed upon by both parties. In a divorce setting, this could result in conflict or even legal implications. Custody is a legal matter and the judges impose that the schedules be followed to the letter. The Child may be Exposed to Harmful Substances As with addicts, they are likely to use harmful or toxic substances. Without the contentions of the other parent the addict co-parent may leave their drugs or even the paraphernalia in the household premises, within reach of the child. Regardless of the child’s age, this is never a good thing. Addicts are more Prone to Negligence If the child is dependent on a parent who is, in turn, dependent on something else, his needs may not be the first priority of the addicted co-parent. Thus, there would be times when the addicted parent would neglect the child’s meals or, in some cases, prescribed medication. How to Cope with an Addict Co-Parent There are necessary steps that a parent needs to undertake in order to cope with this challenging […]

Co-Parenting with an Addict Ex-Spouse

There are many situations that might lead CPS in Texas to take your child into their possession. CPS stands for Child Protection Services, and according to the Texas Family Code, it has the authority to handle investigations regarding neglect and abuse against children. CPS in Texas will carry out investigations when there are signs and allegations of abuse or neglect, such as when The Rights and Duties of Texas Parents  are not properly followed. If proven, the CPS can take your child away from your home. There are hotlines that are available 24/7 that are open for reports of abuse and neglect. Any report will be treated with utmost confidentiality. There are also some professionals who have the obligation to report abuse and neglect against children when they know of it. These professionals include police officers, doctors, teachers, and lawyers. If someone makes a report to CPS regarding your child, the CPS office in your area will be notified and they will begin the investigations. What to do when CPS Investigation Begins and your Child is Involved When there is an investigation that needs to be done, a caseworker from CPS in Texas will be assigned to handle the case. The caseworker will contact you along with other people who could possibly have some information about the alleged child neglect or abuse. An interview will be set up. Everything you say can be held against you, in this case. If any of your statements support the allegations about child neglect and abuse, it can be used to take your child away from you. Hence, it is not always a good idea to blindly cooperate with CPS caseworkers. If you want to protect your family, it would be best to hire a skilled family law attorney at this point. You should also look […]

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domestic violence in digital age
Technology, while a very helpful tool in this day and age, can also be a tool used for violence. A Californian woman experienced this while she was trying to get away from her controlling and violent husband. She planned to escape to Oregon and stay with friends but her phone’s GPS was used by her husband to track her down. He searched her phone records which helped him determine where his wife was staying.  After locating her whereabouts, he started calling the woman’s friends and even left them threatening voice mails saying he would kill anybody who helped her.   There is no question that technology of smart phone has made life more convenient and has connected a lot of people. Flipping the coin, this technology has also made it harder for domestic violence victims to escape from their abusers. Cellphones keep detailed call log information, GPS services, and applications. The principal wireless account holder is granted access to all this information. This also includes application purchases and the GPS location of the wireless phones under the account. With the family plans becoming more popular, the principal account holder may be able to control the entire family’s cellphone service. When the principal account holder is an abusive person, they have the ability to turn their victim’s cellphone as their weapon against the latter. This is done by interrupting their service, or using the information contained in their account to intimidate and stalk them. Federal Communications Commission regulations are requiring 95% of cellphones to have GPS technology. This technology is undoubtedly helpful in emergency cases. However, national statistics show that approximately 10 million men and women experience abuse from their intimate partner every year with the use of this technology. Therefore,  there is an obvious need for a mechanism to protect the […]

Domestic Violence in the Digital Age

Domestic violence is cancer in a marriage and it does not choose victims based on race, age or background. This is an unfortunate and unpleasant to talk about but it does exist. Victims always have a hard time surviving and getting over the experience despite resources made available to help and support the victims. The worst thing about domestic violence is that the abuser is someone who knows you more than anyone else so it hurts more. Often, domestic violence leads to divorce. You will need a divorce attorney if you intend to pursue a divorce to get out of a marriage where domestic violence occurs on a regular basis. Domestic Violence and Divorce A divorce is originally stressful and with an abusive spouse, it can get even more complicated. Most abusers always resort to violence to maintain over you. It is common for victims of domestic abuse to feel trapped as if there’s no way to seek help. The mental hold of the abuser towards the victim usually blinds them and keeps them from seeking help. If you are a victim of domestic violence and are reading this right now, you are making a significant step towards breaking free from your misery. Getting a divorce is an important step to protect yourself from domestic violence once and for all. It does not provide a cure overnight, but it will slowly and surely bring about recovery. Filing for divorce does result in instant advantages. In some instances, victims of domestic violence need a safe place to get away from the abuser. The Texas divorce attorney helping out with the case would be able to request for a temporary restraining order for the abuser which would keep the client safe from more violence. Children and Domestic Violence Domestic violence in a marriage […]

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