Domestic Violence

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Technology, while a very helpful tool in this day and age, can also be a tool used for violence. A Californian woman experienced this while she was trying to get away from her controlling and violent husband. She planned to escape to Oregon and stay with friends but her phone’s GPS was used by her husband to track her down. He searched her phone records which helped him determine where his wife was staying.  After locating her whereabouts, he started calling the woman’s friends and even left them threatening voice mails saying he would kill anybody who helped her.   There […]

Domestic Violence in the Digital Age

Domestic violence is cancer in a marriage and it does not choose victims based on race, age or background. This is an unfortunate and unpleasant to talk about but it does exist. Victims always have a hard time surviving and getting over the experience despite resources made available to help and support the victims. The worst thing about domestic violence is that the abuser is someone who knows you more than anyone else so it hurts more. Often, domestic violence leads to divorce. You will need a divorce attorney if you intend to pursue a divorce to get out of […]

How to Deal with Domestic Violence and Divorce in Texas

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It is a sad reality that there are other families that get involved in violence. These are unforeseen factors before the marriage, which usually happens because the abuser has abnormalities in the brain, or is indulged in drugs or alcohol. Indeed, there are many cases in the country where violence is the biggest reason for the Divorce. Family violence is one of the many reasons why families fall apart. Family Violence is also considered by the law as Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence is an unwanted action that is done by members of the family that are related by blood or […]

Divorcing With Domestic Violence

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While the title says, “him”, this doesn’t mean that women do not threaten suicide as well. This is for anyone who’s been blackmailed with suicide. But for discussion purposes, let’s assume that the husband blackmailing his wife that he will commit suicide. When people speak of abuse, the first idea is about physical abuse. Scars or bruises are the telltale signs that there is a case of abuse between the married couple. In the absence of these signs, the common reaction is that any claim of abuse is merely exaggerated.  However, there are many manifestations of an abusive spouse, and […]

My Spouse Threatens Suicide If I Leave Him

Physical violence and sexual assault usually characterize domestic violence. However, other forms of abusive behavior such as verbal abuse and emotional manipulation are equally as destructive. There are many methods an abuser can employ to control their victims. To maintain this control, abusers can even resort to using children. How children are used as means to control your relationship Typically in an abusive set-up, what abusers really want out of the relationship is to exert their power and control. An abuser can use your children as a means to manipulate you into submission even without physically harming them. Say, for […]

A Domestic Abuser May Use Children to Control Your Relationship

Domestic violence has no place in any relationship, no matter what the circumstance. For those experiencing any form of abuse, the best and most immediate solution is distance. Get away from the abusive partner ASAP. Sadly, not everyone can get out of this kind of situation so easily. Most victims of abuse don’t know where to go for help. They don’t even know that help is available in the first place. Fortunately, Texas does have statewide services and advocacies that can help those experiencing domestic abuse. Seek help if you are abused or you know someone who is.  Here are […]

Domestic Violence Resources in Texas