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All through life, we work hard, earn, and invest on properties. Being a single parent makes your hard work even double. You need to make decisions for the sake of your future and your children’s. What if something happens to you? What would be the outcome of your children? Of your properties? Estate planning is one of the most common options for planning ahead the management of your assets and the future of your children. Planning about your assets after your death might not be a pleasant thing to talk about but still, it does happen and it will happen. […]

A Guide on Estate Planning for Single Parents   Recently updated !

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A person can have a case with Child Protective Services for a number of reasons. But whatever the reason, these cases can result in you losing custody over your child. If you happen to find yourself in a situation where you have a CPS case and firmly believe that whatever allegations made were false, make sure you have a good defense. The best way you can do this is with a lawyer, as they are knowledgeable about these kinds of things. What if you can’t afford it, though? Qualifications for a Free Attorney Hiring a lawyer can be quite costly. […]

Can I Get A Free Attorney for My CPS Case?

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What is Incest? A relationship is incestuous if people related by blood or adoption are in an intimate, sexual relationship. Is it a Crime? Yes, it is. In the United States, incestuous relations are generally considered a crime that is punishable by law. Incestuous marriages are illegal in all the states of the United States. Despite this, not all states have laws against incestuous relationships and these incestuous relationships may continue to take place. Texas Laws on Incest In Texas, incestuous relation is a crime. In fact, it is an act of prohibited sexual conduct. It must involve the penetration […]

Texas Law Regarding Incest

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The State of Texas has the full intention of looking out for the welfare of its children. It provides laws and guidelines to ensure that the adults act responsibly in their treatment of children. Aside from custody, child support and other aspects, the state also has rules for babysitting.  Legal Babysitting Age Texas law does not have a specified legal age for babysitting. What it does require is a certificate to work for anyone under the age of 18. In this case, the federal law states that the minimum age for anyone to work is 14.  Texas allows the parents […]

Guidelines for Babysitting in Texas

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Divorces happen all the time. It is not unusual for people to fall out of love or want to sever a relationship with their spouses after marriage because of their differences. The reasons to file for divorce are endless; it all just depends on whether or not you can learn to live with those reasons.  If you want to file for divorce in Texas even as an immigrant, you can. There is no law in Texas that forbids you to get out of a sticky marriage because of your race or citizenship. It is, however, mandatory for one party to […]

Your Rights as an Immigrant in a Texas Divorce Case

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There’s a lot of stress that one can experience during the process of a divorce. Whether it’s mental, emotional, or any other kind, these kinds of stresses can make it difficult to deal with one’s divorce. And sometimes, when it gets too hard, these stresses can start taking its toll on your mental health. Some people can handle these things pretty well, while other people might need a little extra help dealing with these things. Whatever the case, knowing how to look after your mental health during a divorce can always do you some good. Support Divorces are tough to […]

Preserving Your Mental Health During A Divorce