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Introduction: Divorce and custody battles can have a profound impact on the family structure, and often, grandparents find themselves navigating the complexities of visitation rights. In the state of Texas, the legal landscape surrounding grandparent visitation is outlined in the Texas Family Code. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the laws governing grandparent visitation rights, the legal steps involved, and the types of evidence crucial in the court’s determination. Understanding Grandparent Visitation Rights in Texas: 1. Legal Basis for Grandparent Visitation: Grandparent visitation rights in Texas are primarily governed by Section 153.433 of the Texas Family Code. This […]

Navigating Grandparent Visitation Rights in Texas: A Comprehensive Guide

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I. What is Adoption Adoption is when a person legally takes on the rights and obligations of being a parent to a child that is not his or her biological child. This means that those rights that originally belonged to the biological parents will be legally transferred to another person who is unrelated to the child. The natural parents of the child cannot just take back their already adopted child. Adoption is permanent in nature. Once the parental rights and authority of the natural parents are terminated through adoption, it is deemed as if the adoptive parents become the natural […]

Adoption in Texas

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Change is the only constant in life. In some cases, the extent of these changes requires a person to change his or her name. If you want to change your name, the State of Texas has guidelines governing this procedure. There are procedures to follow and documents required. Reasons for Changing Your Name There are many different reasons for changing your name. Some of the most common reasons involve marriage and conversely, divorce. The old tradition was for the bride to assume her husband’s surname, but that is already optional now. In some cases, it’s the groom who assumes his […]

Guidelines on Changing Your Name in Texas

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A lot of spouses who are going through divorce are concerned about who should file the divorce case first. This is because they think that the course of the case might not be favorable to them if the other spouse beats them in filing first. Generally, this does not apply when divorce lawyers are representing both of the spouses. The party who is able to file first the divorce petition is Texas is called the Petitioner. The other spouse is called the Respondent. The significance of filing first are discussed below. Location Some of the benefits of filing first with […]

The Importance of Filing a Texas Divorce First

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A summary judgment is when a court disposes a case either because the party who filed the lawsuit or the petitioner does not have enough evidence to win the case or because a responding party or the respondent does not have a clear and proper defense to the allegations brought against him or her by the former.  One of the parties can basically file for a motion for summary judgment to dispose of the case if the opposing party does not have any strong evidence to support their arguments in the case.  This is applicable in family law cases.  If […]

What is a Summary Judgment in Texas?

There are many situations that might lead CPS in Texas to take your child into their possession. CPS stands for Child Protection Services, and according to the Texas Family Code, it has the authority to handle investigations regarding neglect and abuse against children. CPS in Texas will carry out investigations when there are signs and allegations of abuse or neglect, such as when The Rights and Duties of Texas Parents  are not properly followed. If proven, the CPS can take your child away from your home. There are hotlines that are available 24/7 that are open for reports of abuse and neglect. […]

Everything You Need to Know about CPS in Texas