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It’s no surprise that more often than not, bedroom action starts losing its fire when the relationship reaches a certain stage, especially if you consider the stress that come with a marriage, such as children, expenses, health, or career. This, however, is something you can actually avoid when put into paper. The introduction of the “lifestyle” clause in prenuptial agreements might sound new to us, but it actually has been around for a really long time. This is done to ensure that at no matter what costs, sex is never not an option, along with other things like what to […]

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A lawsuit can be lengthy and stressful for both parties involved in a dispute. It can also be very expensive and in many cases, it is a no-win situation. Recognizing this reality, the state of Texas has legislated Alternative Dispute Resolutions. Alternative Dispute Resolutions will give two parties a venue to settle their dispute without the hassle and cost of full litigation. The basis for Alternative Dispute Resolution is the Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1987. This act has made it public policy to pursue settlement before going to trial. There are different methods of resolve disputes under the […]

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Going through divorce can take a toll on a person not only emotionally but also financially. The parties to such divorce face the problem of how they should pay for their divorce. This article will provide a few methods that you can be done to help solve that problem. If a person is in a marriage where the other spouse is the one who earns the dominant share of the money and also controls how this money is spent, the use of such money as retainer will be difficult. The services of an attorney cannot be on a “lawyer now, […]

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Now that it is almost Valentines Day, let’s talk about relationships more. I’ve already posted on Infidelity, but, let’s delve deeper and talk about how exactly to deal after finding out, after it has been going on for quite a while and you’ve known for that long as well. Whether you are a long-time couple or already married, it is infidelity that worries most people. It is cheating that we fear most in our relationships. It is when you lose trust to your partner and lose confidence within yourself. The result of your partner cheating on you leaves you feel […]

How to Deal with your Relationship After an Affair

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Every marriage two people have is different from other marriages, as well as the relationship that was established between these people and the tiny shelter, literal and figurative, they built for each other. However, unlike marriage, the process of divorce is practically the same for every couple, since the latter follow the same laws, submit the same documents, plus maybe slight differences when it comes to matters or issues surrounding the divorce. There is no need for a lawyer If you can settle the matters amicably with your partner, you can do away without an attorney.  Hiring a divorce lawyer […]

If Hiring a Divorce Lawyer is Not an Option

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Many of family relations here in Texas extend not only within the borders of this state but also as far as Mexico. So, when legal problems arise, the conflict passes through from one point to another point, making it harder for both parties to reconcile their differences and resolve their issues given the situation they are in. Let me give you a case example. Jacob is a father and the primary provider in his family. He has two children studying, and his wife has a desk job in a small-time business firm. He rents a small apartment. The rent was […]

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