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To Immunize or Not Science and medical research have come a pretty long way. Health care has vastly improved and benefited humankind since its inception. There is the development of drugs, finding safer ways to perform surgeries and new technologies for diagnosis and treatment. Despite all the science and research, it may still be hard to convince people of what is necessary and effective. A good example of this would be when it comes to immunizations. For the past few years or so, doubt regarding the safety and necessity of vaccines has been coming up. There are movements where parents choose not to vaccinate their children. It’s not much of a problem if you and your co-parent are on the same page. What if you’re not? Vaccines and Distrust Towards Them The Good Since the development of the first vaccine by Edward Jenner, it was discovered that certain diseases could be prevented. The eventual development of vaccines has helped decrease the incidence of diseases that were discovered to be preventable, even eradicating smallpox and polio. Vaccines eventually became a useful tool for public health. It proved to help keep people healthy by controlling the occurrence of diseases. Immunizations work by helping people get immunity to those certain diseases. The Bad While this seemed to be a great thing, a study in the 1990s came out claiming that vaccines caused autism. This caused people to panic and begin to avoid vaccinations. Eventually, the study was debunked. However, damage done to people’s perception of vaccines could not be undone. It left distrust as to the efficacy of vaccines. And as if that wasn’t enough, people began to even think that vaccines had been just a way for “Big Pharma” to make money out of people and also get them sick just so […]

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The world is currently being taken over by a pandemic known as the novel coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. After a few months, the virus has spread practically all over the world. People are scrambling, trying to figure out how to deal with this new and never-before-seen type of coronavirus. While scientists are still trying to find a cure for the virus, we should not panic. There are still ways to protect yourself from the virus and avoid contracting it. The Current Situation in Texas and US As of March 14, the number of coronavirus cases in the US has gone up to 2,900 with an estimated 59 deaths. There have been over 30 confirmed cases in the state of Texas, with about 50 more pending tests from Texas citizens. It is because of this that the governor has decided to declare a state of disaster. What Can You Do? While the statistics do seem pretty scary, one shouldn’t just go scrambling about in a blind panic. Yes, the virus is very infectious and can spread, but there are still some things you can do. The first thing you should do is know what you’re dealing with. Not much is known about it since it is new, but what is definitely known is that the virus has a predilection for those who are immunocompromised as well as the more elderly individuals in the population. These two populations are at higher risk of acquiring the virus. But whether you are old or young, healthy or not, you should all exercise the same caution.  Maintain Proper Hygiene One of the most basic ways to avoid getting the virus is to maintain proper hygiene. That includes washing your hands properly, and health agencies all over the world cannot stress the importance of this […]

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If you’re someone who’s planning to get married soon, the thought of getting a prenup might have crossed your mind once or twice, but why would you, right?  Prenuptial agreements – legal documents that state how a couple’s assets and possessions will be divided in case of a divorce – aren’t really necessary, especially if you know the law and are satisfied with their terms. But coming up with a prenup doesn’t easily equate to being a non-romantic, it just means that you’re someone who is careful about your future, and takes into account the possibility that all relationships come to an end, even if we didn’t want it to. It’s not bad to plan for the future, especially if you own properties, stocks, have children, or would be spending for the family, such as education. Let me show you what I mean. The Up and Down Sides of a Prenup Let’s start with the upsides: It could help identify who gets what, for example, a business you already have before entering the relationship It can be crafted according to your preference and situation, but of course, it could only cover those that are within the law It could protect you from each other’s individual debts that may pile up before or during the course of your marriage, such as student loans It could save you more time in the future, because negotiations regarding properties would no longer occur given that they are already stated in the prenup  It can help you prepare for the worst possible consequence a divorce could give you based on your own previous experiences However, it also has its downsides: It could make you look like you don’t trust your relationship to last and that you’re open to the possibility of separation or divorce, even […]

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What a Bill of Review Means in a Family Law Case in Texas
First and foremost, what is a bill of review? Basically, a bill of review is a method to secure a new trial after the initial trial has ended. For instance, if you had a case in Texas and you were not satisfied with the result, you have the option to seek means to get a new trial. One option is to file a motion for a new trial, and another is an equitable bill of review. If you had received a default judgment, the best way to approach your case is to file a motion for a new trial. You can get a fresh start with your case when you file the motion for a new trial within thirty days from the day the judgment is signed.   On the other hand, a bill of review can be filed anytime from four months to four years from the day the judgment was signed in court. There is an exception to this rule though. If you can prove that fraud was involved and it greatly influenced the ruling of the judge, you might be granted a bill of review even after the 4-year period is over. An example of this would be when you have enough evidence that you were lied to by the opposing party, which caused you to fail to show up in court on the day of the trial.     How to Get a Bill of Review Granted   How can you increase your chances of successfully winning a bill of review motion? Of course, there is a standard set in Texas law that states what things are needed to win a hearing for bill of review. We can also take a look at what is needed in a motion for new trial to get an idea […]

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Planning for divorce proceedings is never a pleasant thing. For most couples, they have invested most of their lives for their marriage to work out. Now, they need to spend the same time, money and effort just to get the best deal from the ruins of their dream relationship.  In most cases, you will inevitably have to work with a divorce lawyer. They will be your best allies in this “war.” With this in mind, your relationship with your divorce lawyer will set the tone for the weeks and months ahead. Before Meeting with your Divorce Lawyer The best advice before meeting with a divorce lawyer is to be upfront about your intentions. Have you already decided to file for divorce? If not, it is best to consult a lawyer on what it entails, not just the financial cost, but also the irreparable damage it could bring to a relationship.  A good divorce lawyer would present divorce as the final option, but the choice is really up to you. If you are meeting with a divorce lawyer with the clear intention that your marriage is already beyond saving, then it is best to clearly paint the big picture and be clear in what you want to achieve. Examples would be securing full custody or acquiring the shared family home.  How to Help your Divorce Lawyer Help you In order to get the best chance to gain the desired ruling, you must work with the divorce lawyers. You need to be transparent and divulge all the vital information as early as possible. This is a relationship built on mutual trust.  For example, if you have had an affair, then you must give that information so that your divorce lawyer will know how to defend it. That, and other aspects of your […]

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There are a lot of things that a person has to sort out after their divorce. Aside from usual matters pertaining to property, custody, insurance, and the like, you can also change your name. It’s not necessary, but for others, it’ll help them get back on their feet after the divorce. If you’re from Texas and happen to be one of those people who want a name change, but don’t know how to go about it, here’s how. Sort It Out During Divorce Usually, name changes, such as getting one’s maiden name back, are sorted out during the divorce process. But if you weren’t able to get it done during your divorce, or maybe you just decided you need it after your divorce, you can still change it. Ask the Court to Amend Your Decree Just go back to the court that handled your divorce. Ask them to amend your divorce decree and add a provision for you to get your maiden name back. This procedure can then be used to change your name back to your maiden name. But, if the court is unable to amend your decree you will then need to make a petition. Get a Separate Petition for a Name Change If you are filing a petition to change your name, you will need to get a copy of the petition. Make sure that you have all the correct and proper information required by the document. Once you are sure everything you put in the document is true, you will need to have it notarized. You can then file this document at your local district clerk. After that, all you have to do is wait. Depending on your case or where you filed, you may have to appear before the court. This is necessary before they […]

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Divorces can not only become an emotional burden, but they can become a financial burden as well. There’s a lot of things that you have to spend when getting a divorce. You will need to pay for certain documents and filing, as well as court fees and lawyer’s fees. There will also be other expenses along the way. But does this mean you can’t cut find a way to spend less on a divorce? Or can you still get a divorce while still saving some money? Lawyer’s Fees and Other Fees One big source of expenses when you get a divorce would be the fees you pay for your lawyer. And while some fees, like those concerned with filing or getting certain documents, are unavoidable and non-negotiable, you can actually find ways to spend less on a lawyer when getting a divorce. Another source of expenses for your divorce would be the court fees that will be charged to you, should you choose to take things to court. So, it’s only natural that if you take your divorce to court, you will have to pay more money. Getting a Lawyer or Not Lawyers may not be entirely necessary when getting a divorce. And while you might still need help sorting out some technicalities with regard to your divorce, you don’t necessarily have to get a lawyer to help you. Of course, hiring a lawyer will make it easier for you. You can even choose to negotiate the divorce with your spouse and just have someone mediate it. This way, you might not even have to take the divorce to court. This will save you on any additional court fees. Sort Out Your Own Paperwork Should you decide you need a lawyer, one thing you can do to minimize any fees […]

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Getting a divorce can be a very troublesome process. This is especially if both parties aren’t exactly amenable to what goes on as it is being processed. Some are able to sort out all the matters of their divorce smoothly, but other people can not. For Divorces that haven’t been Finalized If your spouse files a divorce against you, you will receive a copy of the petition and notice. You have 20 days to respond to it. Should you be unable to respond, the divorce will continue without you, but it will end with a default judgment. After the divorce hearing, the judge will then sign the decree thirty days after. It is within the thirty days after the hearing that you can contest the default decision and make any changes. If you responded to the notice and go about the divorce process, negotiations and all, and then realize at some point before the divorce is to be finalized that you aren’t happy with something you previously agreed upon, you can also still change it. After the agreements have been settled, there is a sixty-day period before the judge signs your divorce decree, and it is within this time that you can still make some changes. Of course, you can only make changes to anything that you both agreed on isn’t irrevocable. Finalized Divorces If your divorce decree has been finalized and signed, you may still be able to change it. This is by requesting a new trial to have the decree changed. If a certain detail or a law was overlooked during the divorce or if you believe that there is new information or evidence that should be looked at, you can request for a new trial for as long as you do it within 20 days after the […]

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