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A lawsuit can be lengthy and stressful for both parties involved in a dispute. It can also be very expensive and in many cases, it is a no-win situation. Recognizing this reality, the state of Texas has legislated Alternative Dispute Resolutions. Alternative Dispute Resolutions will give two parties a venue to settle their dispute without the hassle and cost of full litigation. The basis for Alternative Dispute Resolution is the Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 1987. This act has made it public policy to pursue settlement before going to trial. There are different methods of resolve disputes under the […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Texas

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A divorce is never easy. Most of the time it ends in a mess, especially if a problem caused it, which is the usual last straw in marriages. It becomes a heavy burden emotionally, and at the same time, financially, because both parties would need representation in a settlement case, most of which may include child support, custody and visitation, alimony, and property division. Luckily, Texas law encourages the use of “mediation” in cases such as divorce to help speed up the process, rather than take hours in front of a judge. There are a lot of mediators you could […]

How to Select the Best Divorce Mediator for Us?

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Sooner or later in your divorce, you will have to consider negotiating a divorce settlement. When you do, you might find it helpful to make your negotiations with taxes in mind. When you are in the middle of an intense negotiation session regarding your divorce settlement, you might find yourself just wanting it all to be over. This kind of thought could be dangerous, especially when it’s strong enough for you to act on it. Agreeing to just anything for your divorce settlement just because you want it over as soon as possible could be something you’d regret for the […]

What are the Tax Ramifications of Your Divorce?

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Television and the media certainly do not depict divorce and child custody in a positive light. What we see on television and in movies are couples getting a divorce and eventually ending up intensely arguing in the courtroom. The couples getting a divorce are usually mean to each other and their lawyers are no matter. In TV shows, judges even fall asleep in open court if the ongoing trial is without drama. Mind you, this is not the case in real-life divorces. While it’s possible to be nasty to each other in and outside of the court throughout the entire […]

Preparing For Divorce Mediation

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Marriage is hard work. It’s a job that can either make or break you as an individual. Just like any other relationship, it has a possibility of ending. And just like any other relationship, the sole cause of it all ending could start with simple words. Words, after all, can do so much. Among the several things that people say in a marriage, there are a few that can really do a lot of damage. Divorce Threatening for a divorce, whether or not you actually mean it, is one thing that can lead to your marriage ending. Think about it. […]

Words that Can End a Marriage

“Divorce”, a seven-letter word that puts you in one of the most difficult and stressful situations. There are a number of ways that you can go through a divorce. Litigation is one, followed by a collaborative divorce. The third is called a “divorce mediation”. This is the process by which a couple involves a neutral third party known as the “mediator”. Not often mandated by court in most states, divorces that are filed in Texas usually come with a requirement or rather a high recommendation for mediation. Before you get into mediation, here are some things you have to know. […]

4 Things to Know About Divorce Mediation in Texas