Protective Orders

Domestic violence is cancer in a marriage and it does not choose victims based on race, age or background. This is an unfortunate and unpleasant to talk about but it does exist. Victims always have a hard time surviving and getting over the experience despite resources made available to help and support the victims. The worst thing about domestic violence is that the abuser is someone who knows you more than anyone else so it hurts more. Often, domestic violence leads to divorce. You will need a divorce attorney if you intend to pursue a divorce to get out of […]

How to Deal with Domestic Violence and Divorce in Texas

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Temporary Orders In the context of Family Law, there are many documents and orders that need to be taken into consideration in order to protect the family and the individuals that consist it. While there are families that are not successful together in the long run, it is acknowledged by the court that steps need to be taken in order to ensure that all the rights of each individual are not violated. Since cases in court take a significantly long time to arrive at a final decision, the law presents solutions in order to address problems that cannot wait for […]

Temporary Orders and Temporary Restraining Orders

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It is a sad reality that there are other families that get involved in violence. These are unforeseen factors before the marriage, which usually happens because the abuser has abnormalities in the brain, or is indulged in drugs or alcohol. Indeed, there are many cases in the country where violence is the biggest reason for the Divorce. Family violence is one of the many reasons why families fall apart. Family Violence is also considered by the law as Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence is an unwanted action that is done by members of the family that are related by blood or […]

Divorcing With Domestic Violence

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There are a number of common confusions regarding protective orders and how and why to seek one, and even what a protective order can do. Protective orders are the main mechanism that the court system uses to protect people from other people. As opposed to a stay away order, a violation of a protective order is a criminal act resulting in potential jail time in and of itself. This gives the police the authority to arrest an offender simply on the basis of violating the order. Protective orders can be granted when family violence has occurred, and is likely to occur again. […]

Protective Orders: When Words Fail

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Going through a divorce is hard, especially if you have to go about your everyday life while the process of divorce is still going on. It’s no easy matter to go about your everyday routine with something like that in mind. But if it’s already hard for you, imagine how hard it would be if you add kids into the equation. Watching both your parents go through a divorce might do a lot of harm to the kid. You’re practically watching your family fall apart. In Texas, the divorce court has a way to help mitigate this and try to […]

Standing Orders and What They Mean for You

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There are many reasons why couples find it necessary to file for divorce. While some of them can seem trivial, in some instances, the divorce could be a matter of life and death. In cases when the ex-spouse poses as a danger to you or others, Texas law has provisions for protection. Protective Orders  Most people would not be able to distinguish a restraining order from a protective order. The misconception is that they are interchangeable. They are actually very distinct. In case of protection towards violence, that is a protective order. It is designed to protect those who have […]

Protection After Divorce if your Ex is Dangerous