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Dealing with Your Ex-Spouse’s Alimony and Property Division Claims

When getting a divorce, there are a number of things that you have to sort out. Sometimes, one of those things would be matters involving alimony. Alimony or spousal support depends on how your divorce goes. Property division matters may also be settled along with the alimony.

Alimony and Property Division

Alimony is basically a payment that you make to your ex-spouse in order to support them after your divorce. Payment for alimony is periodical. Aside from this, the division of property is another matter that you settle as you go through your divorce.

Any property obtained during the marriage is community property. Divorce proceedings settle ownership of properties.

Can I Contest This?

Alimonies aren’t a requirement in divorces in Texas, they can be contested if your spouse makes a claim for one. If you and your spouse both agree that alimony payments be made, then there are fewer problems. But if your spouse decides to file for one, certain conditions must be met. Conditions include marriage for ten years and the spouse cannot support himself/herself on his/her own or difficulty finding a job.

The court will assist in the filing and will also settle other property disputes. You can contest that your spouse does not need the alimony. The court will ask you to show proof.

Settling details regarding your divorce can get complicated. In situations where you feel like there might be disagreements, prepare the appropriate documents. Don’t forget to consult with a lawyer.

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