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Domestic Violence Leading to Divorce

Marriage is the epitome of the greatest commitment of one to another. How can it be expected from the person you love?

Violence in marriage often results in divorce or separation. One of the primary reasons for the separation of married couples is abuse. Domestic violence has been, and is still, a growing problem within the basic unit of society— the family. It is sad to think about how a happy couple ends up destroying each other. That is if they are not subject to violence themselves.

A Home Wrecker

An abuser is like a termite that gradually damages the foundation of a home. The relationship between the husband and wife is tarnished. Love, understanding, and care become less a priority. The children are hurt and are at the risk of developing a rebellious attitude. Some experiences may even lead to trauma.

Abuse is Gradual

Big things, they say, came from small steps. An abusive partner may not have shown signs of violence in the first few years. Gestures or mannerisms associating to violence may be seen in short episodes. In this case, it’s easy to shrug it off. It doesn’t make you unobservant; it is really hard for people to accept that the love of their life would actually hurt them.

Going through the Grueling Process of Divorce

Ending something will always be painful, more so in experiencing the end of a marriage. One may think that divorce will make everything less damaging. Often, however, this kind of divorce is a play of manipulation and power over the victim by the abuser. The abuser may use this to get child custody. With all of this, one who wants to win the battle against a powerful foe must be prepared and firm.

Don’t be afraid to call a friend

Thousands of organizations around the globe call for an end of domestic violence at home. This is an issue that should be told to the world. Many media outlets have generously donated several rehab centers for abused family members that may have suffered various forms of trauma. Reaching out to friends who you suspect is a victim is highly recommended.

It is hard to imagine a life where you are married to a person that would hurt you and your children. The cries of the innocent and the helpless are heedless through the brutality and savagery of a mentally deranged individual. The ones left to endure such a life only wish for a miracle or a swift end. No family or spouse should ever experience such tragedy, forever placing their lives to into a perpetual night of dark enslavement, against an enemy that they know so well. 

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Mr. Hutton is a Divorce and Custody Lawyer based out of Round Rock, TX. His background is with child psychology at Arizona State University where he received a B.S. in 2006, and he continued this by working with the Children’s Right’s Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law where he received his J.D. in 2009. Throughout his practice, he has been a strong proponent of utilizing modern technology to improve his practice and the representation of his clients. He currently is the technology chair of CAFA of Travis County and is committed to improving and modernizing the practice of law in Texas. If you have any questions you can contact him at

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