How to be a Happy Divorcee this 2021

The past year has been a rather difficult year. A lot of the things that made it difficult are still going on now. That doesn’t exactly bode well for a lot of us. While those certain things are beyond our control, there are still a number of things that we do have control over. It’s these things that we can make use of to help make the most out of the situation we find ourselves in. As a divorcee, being happy despite everything that’s happened this past year is still possible. If you need help figuring that out, keep reading and maybe you might just find something that might work for you.

Go Easy on Yourself

The first, and most important, thing that you can do for yourself is to go easy on yourself. There are probably over a thousand reasons why your marriage didn’t work out and why you ended up getting divorced. Whether or not it was your fault, you really shouldn’t beat yourself up over it. There’s nothing you can do now that can reverse the past. All you can do now is learn how to forgive yourself for your shortcomings and accept what happened. After all, no good will come from blaming yourself or beating yourself up over what happened.

Focus on Yourself

Once you’ve gotten some peace of mind and have recognized your mistakes and shortcomings, you can then begin to work on yourself. You have a chance to grow and become a better person, so you might as well make the most out of it. Nothing good will come out of knowing what you’ve done wrong and not doing anything about it. So, make sure you focus on your weaknesses and work on them.

At the same time, you should also make sure that you find out what your strengths and good qualities are. Remember, you aren’t an entirely terrible person and there is some good in you too. When you find these out, make sure to build on them too. Growth doesn’t only come from working on your weaknesses, but building on your strengths too. You owe yourself better, so now’s the chance to be that better that you deserve.

Cherish What You Have

While you build yourself and work on yourself, it’s also good to remember all the other things that you still have around you. Your marriage may not be there anymore, but you still have your family, friends, and the love that you have for one another. If you have any hobbies or interests that you want to explore or get back into, now is the perfect time to do that. Despite all that’s happened to you, there are still a lot of good things present in your life. Now’s the chance to remember what those things are, remember what makes them so great, and maybe even have a newfound appreciation for them.

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Mr. Hutton is a Divorce and Custody Lawyer based out of Round Rock, TX. His background is with child psychology at Arizona State University where he received a B.S. in 2006, and he continued this by working with the Children’s Right’s Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law where he received his J.D. in 2009. Throughout his practice, he has been a strong proponent of utilizing modern technology to improve his practice and the representation of his clients. He currently is the technology chair of CAFA of Travis County and is committed to improving and modernizing the practice of law in Texas. If you have any questions you can contact him at

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