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Summertime Co-Parenting Tips

Summertime Co-Parenting Tips for divorced and separated parents

by Gary Payton

After getting over with the painful process of separation it is time to put a few things in order and organize them so that life becomes a bit less stressed. A number of divorces involve kids who are sent into the custody of one of the parents. Once a divorce has been processed via a divorce attorney the parents need to make sure that they bring up the kids in a way where they get the love and care of both the parents. Providing for the kids is the responsibility of both the parents. It is not only regarding the finances but also the emotional aspects of the kids need to be taken care. The kid should not feel an absence of one of the parent in his or her upbringing. Divorced parents need to keep their differences behind them especially when the vacations and social dos of their kids are involved. For this the divorced individuals need to keep coordinating among themselves to run things smoothly.

Keep your communication alive and healthy

Although you have been divorced still make sure to keep the communication channels open between both of you. This can be a big advantage to both of you in terms of any joint accounts you guys still hold together. For the sake of your kids you need to keep that communication up and running to ensure proper planning whenever your kids need your presence. It is important for kids to get the love and affection of both parents together. Being the biological parent it is your responsibility to make sure that you dedicate a few days to your kid who is living with your ex-spouse.

Planning is the key to a beautiful summertime with your kids

Remember the time you are providing to your kids is something they are entitled to. It is your responsibility to make sure that you as a parent are able to put behind your differences and plan things out with your ex-spouse to make your kids happy. Since you have kept the communication channels open and amicable there is chance that you will be able to plan things out in advance so that there is no last minute confusion on the venue and the activities that are going to be a part of your summertime sojourn with your kids. Even if the communication channels are not open you need to open them for the sake of your kids via a common friend or a family member. New families if supportive can be involved in your plans. Do not let disagreements come in between to ruin the summer holidays of your kids.

Do something you have never done

Since you are separated now and keeping your kids happy is the sole motive as of now; there might be a few things that you never agreed to with your co parent in the past. Think again! If something makes the kids happy and your ego is coming between; kill your ego. Do something that makes your kids happy. Plans and day to day activities for the summertime should be planned in advance. Introduce activities that are acceptable to both the parents and make the kids happy. If possible schedule your vacations in such a way that they match with the vacations of your kids and ex-spouse.

Involving the kids is of utmost importance

Checking with the kids about their plans and the extracurricular activities they have planned to undertake this summer is really important. This will surely create a better bonding and understanding between you and the kids including your ex-spouse. You will be in a better position to understand the expectations of your kids. You will get to know things that are going to make your kids happy. You will be in a better position to take things further to make your kids enjoy in the presence of bot their biological parents. Involvement of kids is of utmost importance since this something you are doing for the sake of your kids.

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