Frequently Asked Questions About Void Marriage in Texas
Void marriage in Texas is one of the topics we get asked about pretty often. If you have questions about void marriage in Texas, you can check out the ones we listed below for more information. We hope that this will help you have a better understanding of how and when a marriage is considered void in the state of Texas. Of course, there could be different circumstances surrounding your case which could have a huge impact on your case. Keep in mind that the questions and answers we included on this page are general ones, and you should talk to an attorney to get more specific information about your case.   What is considered a void marriage?   A void marriage in Texas is a marriage that is considered unlawful and invalid in the state. It is considered invalid from the onset of the marriage.   How is Void Marriage different from a voidable marriage?   Void marriage in Texas is something that never existed in the first place. A voidable marriage, on the other hand, is something that exists until the court annuls it.   What is the difference between a void marriage and a divorce?   A divorce is a lawsuit you file to end a marriage that is valid. A void marriage is a suit you file to get the court to consider your marriage as invalid from the beginning. Even without a court decision, a void marriage is not considered legal.   How can a marriage be declared as Void Marriage in Texas?   There is a legal procedure, referred to as a suit to declare marriage void that can be used to determine if a marriage is void from the very beginning. There are certain factors that the court will consider to determine if […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Void Marriages in Texas