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Parents Who Are Undocumented Immigrants   The most important thing to remember is the CPS (child protective services) does not deport parents or their children. CPS is not an immigration agency of the United States. Children and their families are given the benefits, protection, and care of CPS whether or not they are here legally.   However, if a child who is not a U.S. citizen is brought into CPS custody, and is here illegally (undocumented), then the home country will be notified. This is a legal requirement and does not apply only when the child is a citizen of […]

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The Meitiv family in Montgomery County is being investigated for neglect of their children after allowing their 6 and 10 year old children walk home about a mile from the park to their home. What the parents call free-range parenting and lessons on independence, the Montgomery County Child Protective Services call neglect – in Maryland, state law requires that a child under 8 years old be accompanied or supervised by someone of at least 13 years of age in dwellings, enclosures and vehicles. The parents say that this law does not apply to their children as the children were walking […]

Risks of “Free-Range” Parenting

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Things that have to do with any kind of abuse are hard to deal with, most especially sexual abuse. Things only get harder if you find out that the abuser is your spouse and that the victim is your child. But as much as it might sound like a situation that’s hard to accept, these things do happen. And if you happen to find out that your spouse happens to be one of those people, thinking of a course of action might just be difficult for you and your child. If you do find yourself in this situation and want […]

Discovering Your Child Suffered Sex Abuse from Your Spouse

CPS Parent Resource Guide Cover 1
Studies have shown that parents who work  with a support network made up of family, friends, neighbors, community members and teachers are more likely to have their cases successfully dismissed while the children in these cases are less likely to end up in foster care long term.   Family Group Meetings are organized by CPS representatives and can take place either before or after the removal of your children.  You should invite anybody who you think can help you or your kids.  The gathering will also be attended by representatives for the children, the other parent and representatives for the […]

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Prevent Child Abuse
Around the country child protective service agencies are having a hard time.  This includes CPS in Texas.  Case workers in Texas are handling between 21 and 36 children by themselves.  With a number this high, it is beyond the safe level.  Studies have shown the most cases a case worker can handle by themselves is 20.  Such a lack of services is what has led to a recent issue with CPS in Texas. In an ongoing court case, Texas Child Protective Services are insisting that the shortcomings in the system are not as bad as they have been portrayed.  Advocacy […]

Foster Care Lawsuit and the Two Faces of CPS

As parents, you do whatever you can to give your children the best lives they could possibly have. This is whether or not you have the means to provide their necessities. However, there are people who feel like their children are burdensome. Some think kids are dead weight to their otherwise fun and single lives. When that happens, the environment in which the child lives may become unsafe for their wellbeing. Sad as that may be, it has become the reality for most children. When the child’s environment is unsafe, it can be harmful to their physical and mental wellbeing. […]

What is an Unsafe Environment for a Child?