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Parental responsibilities for a child with special needs vastly differ from those with non-special needs children. One of the differences in responsibilities includes child support for a child with special needs even after the child turns 18. This is a sensitive and well-debated issue. In this blog post, we will provide more information about the considerations you will need to take for a child with special needs beyond his or her 18th birthday.   Many parents wonder whether or not they should ask or provide continuous child support even after their special needs child turns 18.     Understanding Child […]

Understanding How Child Support Works For a Child With Special Needs

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When you are a family with a child with special needs, you must have experienced firsthand how challenging it can be. However, not everything is a challenge: there are a variety of opportunities too. Your child with special needs will be loved and cared for and mostly, the only differences you have to experience involve having to pay more attention to your child’s school work and activities in his or her daily life. Having a child with special needs means you have the opportunity to sacrifice your wants and prioritize your child’s needs instead. When you have an ongoing family […]

When a Family Law Case Involves a Child With Special Needs