Knowing What’s In Your Child’s Best Interests
Your child’s best interests will always be a key point in your divorce and child custody cases. As you are well aware, your child feels the impact of the divorce even more than you do. It’s really a sad reality that you have to accept and deal with properly. You and your spouse can have some control over the circumstances that affect your divorce, but your child is completely helpless. It is quite common for children to feel confused and misplaced when their parents are undergoing a divorce. As a parent, you obviously would want to protect your children. The divorce probably happened because you want to protect your children from your spouse’s wrongdoings or abusive behavior. Knowing what’s in your child’s best interests would definitely help in ensuring that they can have a normal life during and after the divorce. The conflicts and the many issues that you will have to deal with throughout the duration of your divorce could take its toll on you. You might lose sight of the fact that your children are your priority. You could be blinded by things that you will fail to recognize what’s in your child’s best interests. How can you play your divorce according to your child’s best interests? 1. Avoid the Courthouse It might come as a surprise to many that a lot of divorce cases don’t get into the courtroom. Contrary to what movies and television depict, most divorces actually end in settlement, hence, there’s no need to pay a visit to the judge. The only problem with this option is that you might find it difficult to deal with your spouse when you are still at the peak of your anger. If your spouse has terribly wronged you, it can be quite uncomfortable to work together to […]

Focusing on Your Child’s Best Interests

How Will Split Custody Affect You And Your Family
Some couples become stronger when experiencing challenges, and infertility is no exception. But the divorce risk is also very real: couples who are unable to conceive a child after years of trying are three times more likely to divorce than those who do succeed. While every couple battling infertility is different, there are some commonalities that can contribute to divorce, as identified by Crystal Clancy, licensed marriage and family therapist and owner of Iris Reproductive Mental Health in Burnsville, Minnesota. “I have seen relationships torn apart by the inability to reach an agreement about what kind of treatments to pursue, how much money to spend, or when it is time to stop trying medical interventions,” says Clancy. But that’s not all. “Usually it either involves the long-term stress and the way that ‘infertility sex’ changes your love life,” she says. Should we, or shouldn’t we? When getting pregnant doesn’t come easily for a couple, they must choose whether to try alternative avenues to create a family, and if so, which alternative to pursue. These choices can further stress an already stressed-out relationship. “A couple that was struggling with infertility decision-making was getting closer to being on the same page, but, initially, there was some lack of trust around the wife wanting to pursue surrogacy without giving the husband time to process or agree,” says Clancy. The wife even went so far as to line up a surrogate and schedule the procedure. “The husband said he felt ‘bulldozed’ and, now that they have already taken it that far, feels obligated to go through with it.” Dollars and sense? Infertility treatments are not cheap. Adoption and surrogacy come with a high price tag, too. Any of these routes to a happy family can stress a marriage—for straight or LGBTQ couples —both financially […]

The relationship between infertility and divorce

christmas after divorce
The biggest holiday season of the year is approaching and for those who had just been divorced, the prospect of spending Christmas after your divorce can be daunting. Christmas is an event that is usually spent with family. The first Christmas after your divorce could be the toughest, since you could feel at a loss in the midst of the festivities. You should expect things to be different. In the past, you might have spent the holiday season from beginning to end with your kids, but now you will have to share the kids with your spouse, and it’s highly likely that you will spend the holidays separately. Of course, you will still be able to create and share priceless memories with your children at Christmas after your divorce but it will never be like the previous years again. It’s not something to be bitter about though. You should also consider your ex-spouse, who would also want to create new Christmas memories with your children in his or her own way.   Christmas Visitation After a Divorce in Texas If your final divorce decree was made in a Texas court, surely, one parent would have been awarded the right concerning the primary residence of the children. The children will live with that parent during the weekdays and the schools where they attend would need to be geographically close to that parent’s home. The usual arrangement goes like this: the first, third and fifth weekends is the designated time for the other parent. It would also include Thursday nights of each week. The parent with the visitation rights would also have the right to have the children over at his or her residence for a month during the summer vacation period. This could mean one whole month (4 weeks) or two […]

How To Prepare for Christmas After Your Divorce

Divorce Gavel
 These days, it is not uncommon to see unhappy couples staying together because of the kids. There are many reasons why a lot of people choose to live their lives this way. They may not want to go through the mess of a divorce and the psychological effect it will have on the kids. Without a doubt, divorce is really daunting. Think about how the kids would have to be passed to the other parent on schedule. Co-parenting after a divorce is definitely challenging. A lot of parents are concerned about its effects on the children’s growth and development. Many also worry about the financial impact that goes along with it even more. Child support can pose serious financial issues, and these issues are enough to keep couples together despite mutual dissatisfaction in their marriage. Financial Impact on Relationships Many researchers have conducted various interviews and studies addressing this issue. One particular study focused on the relationship between finances, children and relationships. According to the results, 14% of the respondents of the research divulged that they chose to stay in an unhappy relationship because it was more practical. For obvious reasons, when children are in the picture, money concerns are heightened some more. Most parents (70%) in a given survey concluded that raising children tend to be more expensive when parents are separated than when they are living together. Furthermore, statistics show that a high percentage (72%) of married parents think that raising children cost more when parents are apart, while a lower percentage (66%) of unmarried think the same way. A lot of couples consider the financial aspect of raising children as a factor in deciding whether to stay together or get a divorce. When there aren’t any kids, most couples won’t stay together just for financial reasons, but when there are kids involved, it’s a […]

The Financial Impact of Going through a Divorce with Kids