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An Overview of Enforcement Suits in Texas Family Law

An Overview of Enforcement Suits in Texas Family Law

When will you need an enforcement suit? For family law cases in Texas, there are two ways to end a case. One is to settle your case through negotiations with the other party, and the other option is to go on a trial in court wherein a judge can make the decisions for you. Either way, you will receive a Final Order. Whether you like it or not, as soon as this rolls out, it would serve as your map where rules are concerned regarding your relationship with your child. There are some cases where a parent is extremely dissatisfied with the results seen in the Final Order that they completely disregard it. If you find yourself in this situation and you think that not abiding by what is stated in the Final Order is alright, you’re in trouble. You see, your co-parent can potentially hold you responsible, legally, for your actions. If you are that other parent, you cannot simply go to the police to inform them of the violations made by your ex-spouse. Instead, you will have to file an ‘Enforcement’ for an Enforcement suit at the same court where you received the final order. Aside from that, […]

6 Tips for a Successful Divorce According to Family Law Attorneys

6 Tips for a Smoother Divorce

Aiming for a successful divorce is probably what everybody undergoing a divorce have in mind. Unfortunately, there are no classes you can take to ensure that your divorce will end successfully. The good news is you can hire a family law attorney who can be with you at each step of the divorce. This way you will get professional advice and you can also have all the information you need to have a successful divorce. If you want to easily have a successful divorce, experienced family law attorneys have a couple of tips for you. These tips will help them help you better. Aside from that, these tips will be useful in hastening the preparations and the actual divorce process.   Be transparent to your family law attorney regarding the details of your relationship   Sharing the details of your relationship with someone may sound mortifying and it could be the last thing on your mind. Since you are undergoing a divorce, the details of your relationship might not be pretty. However, you need to reveal important details to your attorney for a successful divorce. It will help your attorney prepare better for your case. For instance, if infidelity was […]

woman worrying about divorce costs

How To Effectively Minimize Your Divorce Costs

  Divorce costs can be quite serious. Research shows that at any given time, 4% of married couples in the US are undergoing a divorce or in the process of separating. This means that at any given time, people are spending money on divorce costs or at least worrying about it. There are definitely tons of financial worries involved in a divorce. For instance, you would probably be worried about the expenses related to your attorney fees. People tend to automatically think that a good divorce attorney is bound to be expensive. While that is untrue, it is a nagging worry for those couple contemplating on getting a divorce. Just thinking about your assets and income being split will cause you a lot of financial stress. However, you can still make the most out of your resources. There are five efficient solutions to effectively minimize your divorce costs. These will help in letting your lawyer use your retainer in other more important matters. Expand Your Team Since your aim is to cut divorce costs, it doesn’t sound right to hire more people to assist you during your divorce, does it? However, you might be surprised to know that it can […]

Guide to Emergency Custody Petitions in Texas

Guide to Emergency Custody in Texas

When you need an emergency custody order, it’s always ideal to hire a family law attorney. Although you can always represent yourself at a family court without the aid of an attorney, it’s always better to hire one so that you can be guided through the process accordingly. Every case is unique and your circumstances may not be exactly the same as everyone else’s but if you want emergency custody to be granted by the judge, one requirement is constant: you need to present proof in court. However, the proof you need might be different from that of others, depending on your personal circumstances. You will also have to consider the rules of the local court, the judge for your case, the guidelines of the Texas Family Code and the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. Some courts have made their rules available online, but this is not the case for every court. If you cannot find information about the rules of the local court where you filed your case, you can always call the court to speak with a clerk in order to find out more about the rules. To know more about the judge, you can try to sit […]