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In Texas, a no-fault divorce is the default mechanism to request a divorce.  Officially by Texas law, a no-fault divorce is when there are conflicts between two parties that could not reasonably be overcome.  In reality, it is simply the type of divorce two people seek when they are looking to get out of a marriage, and serves as a mechanism to ending a marriage with the least amount of drama. It also provides an avenue for victims of abuse to leave a marriage without a burden of proving anything beyond that the marriage itself is unsustainable. State Representative Matt […]

No-Fault Divorces in Texas May Become Harder after New Bill

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I was reading an article today by Lana Shadwick. In it, she details a situation where a 13 year old boy is attempting to utilize social media to speak out about potential abuse that occurred at a foster home. His attempts to speak out are ultimately shut down by the judge in the case for unclear, but one might assume, confidentiality reasons. The full article can be read here, and it is fairly graphic in its detailing of some rather serious abuse allegations, so if that is something that would trigger you, please be aware before viewing it. My number one problem […]

Free Speech vs. Confidentiality: Is it time to extend free speech protections to children?

Child support enforcement costs is, unfortunately, an issue that you might have to encounter if the other parent of your child is reluctant to pay the child support your child deserves. If you ask a family law attorney about this, you will surely be informed that the child support enforcement costs depend on many factors. There is no one answer that will fit all clients looking to know more about child support enforcement costs. However, it costs, you can consider it an investment for your child’s future though. It’s not a mere propaganda. It can be difficult especially when you’re […]

Child Support Enforcement Costs in Texas

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  Co-parenting across different states can be tough and definitely difficult to pull off legally and practically. On a practical viewpoint, it can really be stressful during visitation because of the length of time it would take to travel. It can be arduous financially too. On the legal side of things, it can be quite difficult to achieve child custody and child visitation arrangements. Each state has its own laws regarding child custody. You can’t really expect a law in one state to apply in the next state, especially when it’s child custody we’re talking about. We have to remember […]

Co-Parenting Across Different States: Should You Be Worried?

An enforcement case is implemented when one party of a divorced couple has violated one or more decrees of the court. In this case, the party in error may be charged for contempt. This is the basic premise of an enforcement case, but it is more complex than that. If you are planning to file and win an enforcement case in a Texas family court, these are the things you must observe: The rule or decree that your ex-spouse has violated should be clearly stated in writing at the final decrees. Any violation of an agreement that is not stated […]

How to Prepare For and Win on an Enforcement Case in Texas Family Court

How to Homeschool Kids in Michigan
When you are divorced, deciding to homeschool your child can be a huge issue. When you have an ongoing child custody case, it’s quite easy to worry about every single thing and every single factor that has a potential impact on your case. Even without an ongoing child custody case, a lot of parents are considering homeschool for their child’s education. There are a lot of issues that might cause parents to make this decision. After all, it’s not exactly safe in the schools nowadays. It is something that is not easy to decide on even for parents who are […]

How to Handle Disagreements About Homeschooling After Divorce