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How Will Split Custody Affect You And Your Family
Many parents who go through a family law case aim for at least achieving split custody of their child once the case is finalized. There is, of course, a huge number of parents who’d want to have their child to themselves if they could only have their way. However, split custody is already a ‘fair enough’ arrangement for many. In this type of arrangement, parents could at least spend as much time with the child as much as the other parent. This type of conservatorship goal is usually from the parent who already believes that the other parent will be awarded the primary conservatorship of the child. If you belong to this group of parents, are you absolutely certain that a split custody arrangement is what would fit you and your family best?   Whether you get split custody after your family law case is finalized or not, determining the possession schedule is one of the most difficult issues you’d ever have to encounter in any family law case involving your child. There is, of course, a standard order that a judge can default to, known as the Standard Possession Order. This is typically what the judge would order if you and your child’s other parent do not reach an agreement regarding the possession schedule.     Considering the Best Interest of Your Child   The court will always consider the best interest of your child in making decisions regarding child support, child custody, visitation, and possession. A split custody where you and your child’s other parent will share the time of the child. This will be what the court will decide if it is proven to be in the best interest of the child. However, in most cases where the court orders a split custody, the court does not […]

The Effects of Split Custody on You And Your Family

Co-Parenting Across Different States: Should You Be Worried?
  Co-parenting across different states can be tough and definitely difficult to pull off legally and practically. On a practical viewpoint, it can really be stressful during visitation because of the length of time it would take to travel. It can be arduous financially too. On the legal side of things, it can be quite difficult to achieve child custody and child visitation arrangements. Each state has its own laws regarding child custody. You can’t really expect a law in one state to apply in the next state, especially when it’s child custody we’re talking about. We have to remember that each state is sovereign and cannot be subjected to the rulings and holdings of other states. This is why it can be quite difficult and problematic for divorced parents who are residing in different states. Co-parenting is difficult as it is when you’re living just a few blocks apart in one state. Imagine how it would be if you tackle co-parenting across different states!   The UCCJEA   This kind of problematic setup seen in co-parenting across different states is not a rare case. Thankfully, the UCCJEA, or Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act is in place. This determines which state will be in charge to control the situation between the parents. This comes in handy especially when parents are in need of judicial orders including child custody and visitation. When the UCCJEA decides which state will control the situation, the parent living in the controlling state will obviously have certain advantages where co-parenting across different states is concerned. The main objective that led to the implementation of the UCCJEA is to prevent parents from moving from one court to another until a ruling that is favorable for them is achieved. To avoid such court-hopping situation, the UCCJEA states […]

Co-Parenting Across Different States: Should You Be Worried?