Premarital Agreement
Texas is a community property state, which can cause some complicated issues to arise if you have assets acquired before marriage that get co mingled with assets acquired after marriage or with your spouse’s property. If you want to ensure that certain property remains separate, it is important to have either a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement spelling out who owns what property. Most of the time these documents are fairly simply to draw up, and can be easily tailored to whatever wishes you have. I can help you avoid common pitfalls, and point out many areas that people commonly forget […]

Prenup FAQ

In case you’re wondering what a post-nuptial agreement is, it’s basically just like a pre-marital agreement. The only difference is that pre-marital ones are signed before the marriage and post-nuptial ones are signed after the wedding. Usually, the motivation between a prenup agreement and a post-nuptial agreement are not the same. In Texas, you are allowed to sign a post-nuptial agreement that includes part or all of your community property. The separation of one spouse’s income or both spouse’s income is commonly a part of such agreements as well. This means that when you sign the agreement, you agree that […]

What a Post-Nuptial Agreement Can Do For Your Family

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The best way to begin a relationship is having open communication and full disclosure. One of the great tools in achieving open communication and full disclosure is having an antenuptial or prenuptial agreement. This helps in setting up realistic expectations in the relationship. What is an Antenuptial Agreement? An antenuptial agreement (prenuptial agreement or prenup) is an agreement entered between parties who are about to get married. It is effective upon the celebration of their marriage. It is about matters between the spouses in cases of divorce or death of one of them. Requirements of an Antenuptial Agreement A prenuptial […]

Setting the Tone of Marriage Through Postnuptial Agreements