When will you need a surrogacy agreement?   If you and your spouse are considering surrogacy, there are a lot of legalities you will have to prepare for. It is best to arm yourself with enough information to prepare yourself for your plans.   Surrogacy involves a surrogate – a woman who carries a child for a couple who are not able to bear the child themselves. Same-sex marriages have become common nowadays and have been steadily on the rise since its legalization across the United States. This means that there is also a surge in demand for surrogacy, which is in addition to the existing demands from traditional marriages.   Many people believe that children make a marriage complete. There are also people who get married because they want to have children and start their own family. There are many situations which can hinder the child-filled dreams of many couples. A lot of them turn to adoption, but those who long for a child that is biologically their own would rather turn to surrogates. Even when a couple can’t conceive due to various reasons, their dreams of having their own family can still be fulfilled through surrogacy.   If you are seriously considering surrogacy for your family, you will need to come up with a surrogacy agreement.       Requirements for Surrogacy Agreements in Texas     Just like in most areas of law, a surrogacy agreement cannot be completed unless you comply with the requirements. In case you did not know, Texas is actually one of the first states that started implementing laws related to surrogacy.  When it comes to surrogacy, the state of Texas strictly implement laws to regulate the relationship between the surrogate and the parents. One of the terms of these Texas law […]

The Basics Of Surrogacy Agreements