The Effect of COVID-19 to Daycare Costs

As to every institution, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought difficulties due to its impact on the economy. It is undeniable that daycare providers play an essential role for parents, especially those who are working. These daycare centers contribute to the early development of children. Nevertheless, a lot of parents are having second thoughts. They think that this crisis will force them to spend more than they did before for child care.

Daycare Costs Prior to the Pandemic

According to the Economic Policy Institute, daycare may cost around $400 up to $1700 in a month, depending on which state a person is residing in. The expenses usually vary whether the place is in a rural or urban setting. Infant care is reasonably slightly expensive from the child care received by a 4-year old. The given numbers can already eat a huge part of your income.

Challenges and Effects Brought by COVID-19

Everyone is at risk during this time. We are living in a new normal that is based on new rules and regulations that must be complied with. In order to open up again, daycare providers must go through an extra mile. Items that may not be necessary before the pandemic may already be considered to be important in order to continue operations today. Additional expenses will be incurred in procuring these items. In addition, the coronavirus had taken its toll on many daycare centers, resulting in their permanent closure. These providers are also at risk while interacting with other people. With only a few centers operating, prices, surely, will go higher.

On the other hand, having your kids outside your home is not ideal, sometimes even not allowed. They are at a higher risk of coronavirus. Thus, it is not a good idea for them to go to daycare centers. It is reasonable why some parents prefer not to send their children to daycare during this time. Parents, especially those who are earning only a minimum wage, cannot anymore afford proper child care. With additional regulations to be implemented, and with the decreasing number of parents who can afford daycare, these institutions will be forced to also increase their rates. Child care has always been expensive, especially to the working class, and the pandemic aggravated its costs.

How to Reduce Daycare Costs

Amidst any crisis, people must know how to turn to alternative solutions if needed. You might want to rethink your daily expenses. Take a look at your priorities and adjust your income, according to it. Also, assess the kind of daycare that you and your child needs. You may opt to bring your child to a professional daycare provider or may choose only a nanny, depending on the situation.

Although it is tempting to leave your work and become a stay-at-home parent, this may not be helpful for the economy in the long run. The community needs the assistance of daycare providers in order for parents to have jobs, earn for their family, and help the economy. Daycare also offers proper handling of toddlers and kids to get them ready for school and for their future. There is indeed a necessity for government intervention to achieve more affordable child care and to reduce inequality in accessing it.

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