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Transferring My Child to Another School After Divorce

After a divorce, there are a lot of things that you’ll have to sort out. Among the many matters that need to be settled would be the custody agreements. Aside from the usual settlements that come with custody agreements, you’ll also have to figure out how to help them continue to go on with their lives after the divorce. One particular aspect of their lives that you might have to sort out would be where they go to school. While sometimes their children are still able to go to the schools they went to before their parents’ divorce happened, other children’s parents may want to move them elsewhere. Is it possible, though?

Can My Child Move Schools?

When planning to move your child to another school, there are three important considerations you should make. Would the move follow what is agreed upon by your custody agreement? Will your ex-spouse would agree to it? And will the court allow your move or not? If you plan on moving your child to another school and it happens to follow the custody agreement, your ex-spouse doesn’t object, or it is allowed by the court, then there’s definitely no problem. But if there happens to be a problem, such as a move going against the custody agreement, then you cannot move your child to another school.

What You Can Do

If you do plan on moving your child to another school, it would be best to look at your custody agreement and look at the geographical restrictions that were agreed upon regarding moving your child around. If it goes against the agreement, or if your ex objects, then your next best option is to at least negotiate with your ex or to bring it up to the court. By bringing it up to the court, you allow them to hear you out as to why you want to move your child to another school. And if they agree, they can then modify the agreement and change the geographic restrictions into one that would favor your move.

While having custody over your child does allow you to make decisions such as where they’ll be going to school, especially if they are in their best interest, there are still some limits to the decisions you can make. Divorces can make going about these decisions rather difficult, but sorting them out shouldn’t be so hard. For as long as you have a pretty good reason, there can most definitely be ways to make your child’s move to another school possible.

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