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When You Should Cut Off Your Ex

Getting through a break up can be tough. Residual feelings can make it especially hard for you to move on as your mind may still be stuck in the memories of your relationship. And though reminiscing is good, it’ll only do you more harm than good if you’re doing it fresh from a breakup. After all, some people find it virtually impossible to move on. It is a big step. But even if it is, that step must be taken nonetheless because things won’t get better if you do. And if you’re wondering what you can do to help with that first step, here it is: cut them out of your life. If you want to know when you should, read on.

When You Just Broke Up

This might be a little obvious, but it actually isn’t for some people. If you’re thinking of running back to your ex after breaking up with them, don’t. You’re most likely not in a really good place if you’re going to go and talk to them right after you two have broken up. Chances are your ex might be in the same situation. Talking to them right after won’t really help anything. In fact, it’ll just make it harder for both of you to move on. Just don’t.

When You’re Still Not Okay

This is also a little obvious, but it still needs to be said. If you’re not okay, don’t go running back to your ex either. Even if it’s been months, you shouldn’t open up any lines of communication. If you do, that’ll only give you more things about to think about regarding your ex. You don’t need any of that right now, especially since you’re not okay. Talking to them might just take you back to square one because it allows for your mind to entertain the thought of what it might be like with them or just make way for situations you wouldn’t want to find yourself in. If you’re not okay, you’re vulnerable. And if you’re vulnerable, you’re leaving yourself open to getting hurt.

When You Don’t Need to

So, maybe it’s been months and you’re already in a better place. Should you talk to your ex? No. Unless you have a good reason to talk to them, you really shouldn’t. You’re already okay and already covered some ground moving on from them. What good would that do? Nothing. They’re already out of your life. Just accept it and go on with your life. It’s not like not having them around affects your worth as a person. It really doesn’t. You’ve already come this far. Just keep going.

Moving on will really take some time and effort. But if you really want to get out of that rut and move on, you really should start by cutting ties with your ex. Keeping them around unnecessarily will only do more harm than good. So, just drop it all and go about your own business, moving on and recovering.

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