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It is not required to be completed prior to your phone consultation, but it can be helpful to complete our intake forms ahead of time to get some basic information and to help get you prepared for the types of questions that might be asked at that time. They can be found in the resources section of our site, or you can click the following links to download them directly.

Intake Forms:

Divorce Intake Form

SAPCR Intake Form

General Intake Form

Overview of Fees:

One of the most universal questions we get asked are about fees. Our rates are on a sliding scale based on income between $175 to $225 per hour and we require a retainer to be placed in your trust account up front of an amount based on the complexity of your case and how much work needs to be done in the short term. This usually ranges between $3000-$5000. Sometimes payment plans can be made for longer term costs, but as there tends to be a lot of work that is front ended in cases, and some of the fees are ones paid to the court or process servers, some amount will still be required up front. We do accept credit card payments, and if you would like to pay that way, just let us know and we will send a link to fund your trust account via our online payment processor. For reference, here is a sample fee agreement to look over ahead of time. This will be modified according to the specific agreed up terms later, but it is an approxmiate template for what will be required later.

Sample Fee Agreement:

Fee Agreement


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